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DevOps Engineer Chandara Chea enjoys the excitement of a hypergrowth company

A few months ago Chandara Chea, or Dara, was hired as the first member of our Delivery Operations Team. Now she shares her impressions and experiences as a DevOps Engineer – and what’s it like being a part of the formation of an entirely new team at Enfuce.

How did you end up working for Enfuce?

I was offered a role as DevOps Engineer in a newly-created team called Delivery Operations. I thought that would be an interesting opportunity and challenge, so I decided to accept the offer. 

Had you heard of Enfuce before joining? What was your outside impression of the company? 

No, I had not. I started to look up information about the company after I applied for the role and then got more information after talking to different people during my recruitment process. 

The outside impression was great despite not many people knowing about the company. I took a look at TechCrunch and followed some news. I thought Enfuce was a growing startup and would be an exciting opportunity to be a part of this.

“There are so many things going on at the moment, which is quite exciting.”

What’s the one thing that stood out for you in your first weeks working at Enfuce?

I would say people are the core of the company. My first week went really well and smoothly. People I met were very warm and welcoming. I got my equipment set up pretty quickly and ready by the first day. The onboarding process was also great, informative and well organised.

What do you like the best in your current job?

I would say very good so far. There are so many things going on at the moment, which is quite exciting. On top of the actual day-to-day work, we get the chance to form and build our team the way we like, define our roles and responsibilities to suit the whole team, establish processes such as documentation, and a lot more.

How would you describe your team?

Despite the current Covid situation and mostly working remotely, I think we still have a really good team spirit. We’re a new team so we’ve been building our team from scratch and establishing our ways of working.

“Although it’s getting busier with work, I still have enough time to enjoy my life outside of work.”

What does the Delivery Operations Team do?

In Delivery Operations we focus on customer deliveries for existing services with the aim to improve quality, predictability and speed of delivery in a scalable manner. That means we automate a lot of processes and work closely with other teams and customers. We take the lead in making our customer deliveries smooth and fast!

What’s it like to work in a hypergrowth company?

It feels great and exciting – and things move fast. 

How’s the work-life balance in a hyper growth company?

I think my work-life balance is really good. Although it’s getting busier with the work in the DelOps team, I still have enough time to enjoy my life outside of work. 

“Fintech is an exciting industry and being in this space is really interesting to me.”

How’s it like to work in a team that has people in different locations?

I think the way of working with people from different locations is no longer a challenge. In the IT industry, even before Covid, we all may have experienced working remotely from home from time to time. Now, working remotely has become the new norm because of Covid.

I think everyone, including me, has adapted quite well with this new way of working. It now feels so natural and normal. So far, I personally haven’t found any issue that would affect my work or productivity. 

What has been the best thing you’ve learned while working at Enfuce?

Fintech is an exciting industry and being in this space is really interesting to me. I’ve learned more than ever about the financial services and payment industry. In addition, since DelOps is a relatively new team, I’ve learned more about prioritisation, team forming and building, and establishing ways of working from scratch.

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