Agile and innovative

Our mission is to enable change and innovation in the fast-paced and quickly-changing industry that is financial technology, with technical excellence hardcoded into the company from the very beginning. We consider ourselves a hub and an integrator that help different companies in the payment industry to partner up.

At Enfuce we offer all of our products and services “as a service”, which means that we use our existing infrastructure when we on-board new customers. We are fully compliant with no legacy, which makes us agile and reliable.


Creating the best services

Our minds are set to bring outstanding services to our customers. With innovative out-of-the-box thinking combined with high-level industry expertise in areas such as compliance, cloud competence, regulations and a comprehensive understanding of what the perfect solution for your company could be. We aim to be straightforward in our interactions, and we will never offer you something that you do not actually need!

Success in action


High-value payments through a full digital mobile process in
3 minutes.


Migration of 5 million cards on one platform
in 3 hours.


Apple Pay implemented in
3 months.