The reason why cloud is a superior alternative for your needs, is that a cloud driven solution has a high scalability factor. It is reliable and very flexible. A cloud solution provides access to an unlimited amount of capacity, hardware and resources. It gives you better availability and faster Disaster Recovery.

Why cloud

IT hosting is always about finding the best solution for your business, be it about cost control, scalability, security or something entirely different. We found the best compatibility for our solutions in Amazon Web Services. The AWS public cloud service operates on a global scale, with every imaginable type of business using it. This requires the provider to be on a top level in both reliability and security giving us and our customers peace of mind when it comes to functionality.

With a cloud-based solution we lower the time to market for new functionalities and products for our customers. We have a financial control on the system, which means that we can lower our cost when capacity needs are low – which will ultimately save you money.

We are the first provider to offer this system on a public cloud platform, maximizing its true scalability, flexibility and reliability to a cost-efficient price.

The benefit of using a cloud environment

The cloud, and the pay-as-you-go pricing models, supports experimental development both on business and on technical level, which simply makes you faster adjusting to market and technology changes. It enables you to focus on business goals instead of trying to predict what server capacity you will need one year forward. Using cloud services, you can scale up high and fast.

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