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Enfuce’s Markus Poikolainen is the first Visa Certified Dispute Resolution Professional in the world

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Tell a little bit about yourself: what do you do at Enfuce and what have you done prior to coming to Enfuce?

I started at Enfuce as a Dispute Specialist three years ago. Before coming to Enfuce, I started learning about fraud and dispute management at my previous job working on the acquiring side with merchant services, with the emphasis on dispute management. And now I have more than 10 years of experience in dispute management.

I think what Tim Hopkins from Visa University said is spot on: 

Dispute resolution is for people who are inquisitive, logical and can pay attention to detail. A dispute analyst has to know just about every aspect of card processing.

With all of my experience in dispute management, I’ve been able to understand the bigger picture of card processing.

You completed the Visa Dispute Resolution Professional Certification. What is it and what does it consist of?

Visa has regular workshops, in which you can update your knowledge on dispute resolution and other subjects. Enfuce has encouraged me to keep up my knowledge on a regular basis and learn the latest developments regarding dispute management. 

Now Visa has launched the Dispute Resolution Professional certificate program, which consists of online courses about dispute resolution processes, latest development in the dispute management, like dispute rules that Visa updates twice a year, and case studies which can be used to interpret the rules. It was a nice challenge for me and I also learned about new cases, which are not common for us in Europe, that I didn’t have experience with.

What does the certificate mean for Enfuce’s customers and the service they get?

Because dispute management is required by Visa and also the industry regulations, our customers can trust us dealing with fraud and other dispute-related matters. This provides better customer satisfaction with cardholders and minimizes losses for our customers when we are the experts to recover their funds.

We have the best fraud and dispute management professionals – we know what we’re doing, and having me as the world’s first Visa Certified Dispute Resolution Professional is proof of that. Our people have an extensive track record and knowledge on fraud and dispute management and processes, best practices, card scheme rules and regulations, so our customers don’t need to learn them on their own. We support and guide our customers every step of the way so that they can focus on their business.

What does this certification mean for your career?

It means that I am now officially recognised for my expertise as a certified dispute expert in the field. Of course, getting the certificate once doesn’t mean that I should stop keeping track of the developments in the industry regulations or keeping my knowledge up to date but it’s a great merit. A big part of this work is to update your knowledge base and be aware of the rule changes.

Finally: How does it feel to be the world’s first Visa Certified Dispute Resolution Professional?

It was quite surprising to get a personal email from Visa congratulating me on this saying that they’d like to interview me. Of course, that makes me feel proud as it’s an exciting thing for me and Enfuce as well. I feel very happy.

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