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Enfuce Consumer Credit Cards

The Enfuce Consumer Credit Card service enables the delivery of feature-rich credit cards compatible with all payment methods. 

You can choose a standard, off-the-shelf card product with implementation time of 4 weeks, a fully tailored card product with full integrations or anything in between. We can also assist in customer onboarding, card manufacturing and invoicing.

Key Features
  • Support for both Visa and MasterCard
  • Main card and supplementary cards, all transactions on one invoice
  • Tokenization support for being wallet enabled (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay)
  • Virtual card support – full card functionality without the plastic
  • Card creation and update: issue card, block & activate card through API – manage e.g. via issuer app or CRM
  • Full support for authorisation and clearing interfaces from scheme
Benefits of Cloud Environment

The reason why cloud is a superior alternative for your needs, is that a cloud driven solution has a high scalability factor. It is reliable and very flexible. A cloud solution provides access to an unlimited amount of capacity, hardware and resources. It gives you better availability and faster Disaster Recovery. 



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