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How Rabobank uses My Carbon Action to help customers reduce their carbon footprint

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This is an important approach because studies have estimated that 70% of emissions are driven by consumer behaviour. Changes in consumption patterns and lifestyles are critical and should be an integral part of addressing climate change, keeping global warming within the limit of 1.5°C as in the aspirational target of the Paris Agreement.

In contribution to tackling climate change, Rabobank was looking for a sustainable partner that can help with providing insights to their customers about their impact on the environment.

In this customer case story, you’ll learn how Rabobank found Enfuce and My Carbon Action (transaction-based carbon footprint calculator), how it was implemented at Rabobank and what results have been achieved so far.

Key figures

→ 90%+ of new users in the onboarding flow answered the lifestyle questions.

→ My Carbon Action has had a positive effect on 30% of its users.


Based on interviews with customers in the Netherlands, Rabobank found out that people have no idea about the impact their lifestyles have on the environment. However, the organisation also concluded that people want to have a more sustainable lifestyle but have no idea how to improve their behaviour and habits to achieve that.

To respond to the interest from customers who would like to know more about their impact on the environment, Rabobank’s innovation department started looking into multiple markets with possibilities for carbon footprint calculations for a pilot.


One of Rabobank’s considerations was whether they would be able to get customers engaged in calculating their environmental impact. When searching for a suitable carbon footprint calculator, Rabobank found Enfuce on social media, and after further research they thought that My Carbon Action checks all of their requirements.

We thought about three different pillars: giving customers insights about the environmental impact of their lifestyles, making it actionable by giving suggestions on how to reduce the impact, and how to compensate for it. My Carbon Action is spot on as a solution because the insights are based on scientific research and given in different categories, such as food and housing.

Joyce Ohello, Innovation Manager at Rabobank.


Since implementing My Carbon Action, the response and the results have been positive. Users have found the lifestyle-related questions in the app to be highly valuable and more personal.

We used lifestyle questions to get people engaged, and saw that they gave My Carbon Action a higher ranking when they were added. When they were added, more than 90% of the new users in the onboarding flow answered them.

Joyce Ohello, Innovation Manager at Rabobank.

What users have found to be the most insightful include the environmental impact of green energy, meat and plastic packaging. Thanks to the value My Carbon Action has brought to the users, it has already had a positive effect on 30% of the users.

I had no idea that eating meat and fish had consequences. 50 grams of beef, 1 kg of CO2. That surprises me the most.

Robert, 32.

I am shocked by the difference that someone with green electricity really produces so much less CO2 emissions.

Leon, 30.

I have recently started eating less meat, and try to buy as few products as possible with plastic packaging.

Wouter, 28.

Collaboration between Enfuce and Rabobank

Rabobank appreciates the collaboration they have with Enfuce and finds My Carbon Action to be a unique solution for carbon footprint calculations.

“People say that My Carbon Action has really had an influence on their lifestyles. What we have seen while working with Enfuce is their willingness to think along with us to create the best possible solution for us”, says Ohello.

It has been a huge honor to work with an innovator like Rabobank because it justifies the existence of My Carbon Action. We share the same mission and vision: like Rabobank, our purpose is to help our customers become more sustainable and together make a positive impact in the world.

Monika Liikamaa, CEO and Chair at Enfuce

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