Eating habits are more than a question of taste – what you eat forms one of the biggest portions of your personal carbon footprint. Maybe that’s why the age-long discussion between an animal-based diet or favoring plant-based meals is a heated one and often turns into a question of values.

However, sustainable eating is not only a choice between meat or plant-based proteins: actually, quite far from it. We can argue for a plant-based diet, but at the same time avocado toasts and exotic fruit baskets can end up being a considerable burden on the environment. The carbon footprint of your diet is a complex one, impacted by factors such as shipping, packaging, and the use of scarce resources such as land and water.

Making sustainable choices is not always easy, but think of it this way: eating is a recurring opportunity for climate action. Providing accurate and personalized information to support dietary decision-making is one of the impactful measures on the road to a 1.5 degree lifestyle.

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