Specialisation is the keyword in almost all industries nowadays. Looking at the car industry, during manufacturing each car part is built by a highly specialized company. One company makes the tires, another one the safety equipment and one builds the electronic interface. By specializing, companies become more efficient, as they can focus on their core businesses and become experts in their field. The same approach applies for the financial technology industry, where Enfuce Financial Services operates in the forefront.

An organisation that is not an IT-infrastructure vendor will never excel within the area. They will unlikely build higher security, more compliant, efficient and flexible IT operation compared to using cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS). By collaborating with service providers, we enable ourselves to focus unconditionally on our core business that creates value to our customers

Using a cloud environment has its clear benefits, such as fast and efficient scalability, but it also challenges us to maintain up-to-date, cutting-edge systems. As an Infrastructure-as-a-Service customer, to succeed, you need to embrace modern patterns of operations, like automation, self-healing and infrastructure-as-code. Even using Software-as-a-Service, you need to be conscious about security. Thus, cloud services act as catalysts for assuring the quality of our technical operation and helps our organization follow solid security practices.

From the beginning of our journey, we knew what business services we were going to create. The question for us was more focused on how we would implement them. But since the exact requirements for our services were unknown, and the timeline and budget for going live were limited, our research and collective conclusion quickly leaned towards the cloud route.

Looking back at that choice today, with over 6-million customers in production, FSA approval, and PCI DSS certification, we don’t regret our choice for a second. Instead, we are proud to be in such a good position from a business agility standpoint, which feeds back to our clients, bringing them short time-to-market and a greater ability for our services to support their real business needs.

We encourage you to build up your own image of what the future looks like, but we bet you’ll land in the cloud soon too.

William Ekström

Enfuce Financial Services