Card as a Service for mobility

Improve customer experience by making your mobility service easy to use and pay for. How? Launch your own mobility payment card in just eight weeks!

card as a service for mobility

What is Card as a Service?

Enfuce Card as a Service is a turnkey card issuing service for mobility fintechs and other growth-minded companies. Through Card as a Service, you can launch feature-rich payment cards in just weeks rather than months.


Realise your vision

We can make your vision happen. With our wide range of payment features, you’ll bring even the most ambitious use cases to life and provide a great cardholder experience.

Make payments easy

Incorporating a payment card to your mobility service makes it super easy to use. Simply select the ride, click to confirm and just go!

Loyalty programs

Incentivise your customers to pay with your mobility payment card. Enable them to get special offers, discounts and bonus points to pay for other services, such as hotels, rental cars, taxis and much more.

More customer data

Get actionable insights on what, how and where your customers use our mobility service, and how much they pay. Create new value-added services to negotiate better contracts with mobility operators.

Top industry experts

You don’t need to do it alone. You’ll always have top industry experts within your reach to guide you towards your goal. Step by step and every step of the way, all the way.

Enhance your business case

The more your payment card is used the more revenue you’ll generate. You’ll make money from single rides, subscriptions and every payment transaction made with your cards.

Card issuing and payment processing as a service

  • Instant cardholder onboarding and issuance of cards and tokens
  • BIN sponsorship and program management
  • Direct integration with Visa and Mastercard
  • Payments processing
  • Card lifecycle management
  • Fraud and dispute management
card issuing as a service for mobility
card issuing as a service for mobility

Complete payments portfolio

With us, you can issue both physical and virtual payment cards as well as digital wallets.

  • Prepaid, debit or credit cards for consumers and businesses
  • Full digital-first card capabilities and features
  • Hybrid cards (a closed-loop ecosystem with
    an open-loop card)
  • Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay
  • Multi-country or multi-currency payment cards
  • 3-D Secure can be added

My Carbon Action

You can easily add our carbon footprint calculator on top of your payment solution and help your customers move more sustainably.

We’re here to help you

Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) Card issuing as a service


“Together with Enfuce, we solved one of the biggest problems in the mobility industry, namely, letting people make payments for any mode of transport globally.”

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This is how we do it

The latest technology and market insights are at your disposal. You’ll get a turnkey card issuing service tailored to your target market. And not only is it flexible in terms of software architecture and add-on features but also has Europe-wide geographical reach.

Fast go-to-market

Launch rapidly through streamlined processes with partners and instantly onboard users through the fully mobile process.

Tech, people and expertise

Reach stellar customer experience by combining our state-of-the-art tech and deep industry expertise.

Security and compliance in our DNA

Ensure your business is always up to speed and compliant with the changing regulatory environment.

Scale and growth

Open and enter new markets, increase volumes, and unlock new features.

This is how we help you

issue cards in only 8 weeks:


Solution design

  • Workshops with our experts
  • Defining your card solution


  • Product configuration
    • Required enablers
    • UI and app design


  • Street pilot & initial user feedback
  • Launch your card

Scaling up

  • Enter new geographical market
  • Grow your userbase


  • Continuous user analytics
  • Unlock new features

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