Fuel and fleet cards Enfuce

Build modern fuel card solutions.

Enfuce helps leading fuel and energy retail companies to issue feature-rich payment cards with digital wallets, cultivating loyalty among the existing user base.

Versatile card offering by Enfuce

With Enfuce, you can increase customer engagement and open new revenue streams by offering configurable fuel and fleet cards for your B2B and B2C customers.

closed loop payment cards enfuce

Closed-loop cards

Support you customers’ business with market-leading cards offering. Online authorisations and real-time processing on receipt line item level enable powerful spending controls, dynamic pricing and rewarding as well as notifications.

open loop payment cards enfuce

Open-loop cards

Create new revenue streams and increase customer loyalty with universally-accepted payment cards in physical, virtual and tokenised form.

hybrid payment cards enfuce

Hybrid cards

The ultimate tool for enabling mobility. One card includes the control of a closed-loop card and the acceptance coverage of an open-loop card based on your needs.

corporate cards and consumer cards enfuce

Corporate and consumer cards

Ready made solution for serving individual consumers as well as complex, multi-level corporate hierarchies.


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Key Enfuce services and features to strengthen your offering

  • Flexible payment processing
  • Mobile payments
  • Quickly scalable
  • Broad B2B payments offering
  • Top industry experts within your reach
  • Rich data exports
  • Value-added features (e.g. loyalty program integrations, compliance or My Carbon Action)


Customer success proven

Since 2016, we’ve built easy-to-use, safe and scalable payment solutions that our customers and their customers worldwide can trust and love.


“For us as a company, the development and delivery of functional and sustainable solutions are a top priority.

We wanted a fast, agile partner, who understands our needs and found that in Enfuce. They focus on tech and compliance, but also create new revenue streams and business models. By working with Enfuce we’ve broadened our portfolio, launched new services in several countries and were among the first in the Nordics to launch Apple Pay.”

Minna Lehikoinen, COO, St1 Finance

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How to launch the winning payment card

Your complete guide to successful card issuing in 2020s: Everything you need to know to issue a future-proof card product, including use cases, ecosystem partners, build vs. buy considerations, and more.


Future-proof your business

Technology plays an ever-more important role in today’s business ecosystem. Scaling into new segments and launching new payment features is challenged by limitations in legacy infrastructure.

Enfuce’s API-based issuing and processing solution is tailored to modernise closed loop processing and card offering. Alternatively, it’s tailored to enable gradual open-loop migration while maintaining uninterrupted payment service to cardholders. Together with us, fuel retailers like you gain a strong competitive advantage by issuing scalable fuel cards and loyalty programs for their customers.

Our cards enable value-added functionalities such as mobile wallets, flexible account hierarchies, VAT invoice handling, payment in instalments, and support for discounts and rebates. With a modern payment processing provider, fuel retailers can keep evolving fast and growing in international markets, supported by easily scalable technology behind their payment solutions.

Enfuce has served international fuel retailers since its founding in 2016. We’ve helped them evolve traditional services and attract more customers as well as deepen their existing customer relationships. We have strong industry knowledge and expertise to support gradual open-loop migrations and readiness to drive payments innovation with new oil standard capabilities.

Fuel and energy retailers that stay relevant embrace partnerships with cutting-edge digital solution providers built on a globally scalable, secure foundation. With us, you’ll future-proof your business.

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