Build customer engagement with modern fuel card solutions

Enfuce helps leading fuel and energy retail companies to issue feature-rich payment cards with virtual wallets, cultivating loyalty among the existing client base.

Versatile card offering by Enfuce

Fuel Cards Fuel Cards
Fuel Cards

Offer configurable and reliable cards to your business customers: fast onboarding of new drivers and vehicles combined with powerful reporting features.

Fleet Cards Fleet Cards
Fleet Cards

Support your customers’ business with cards offering designed for fleets and drivers. Enable smooth fleet tracking, analytics and optimization.


Business Payment Cards Business Payment Cards
Business Payment Cards

Engage your business customers and open new revenue streams with flexible credit and prepaid cards, virtual cards included. 

Loyalty Programs Loyalty Programs
Loyalty Programs

Combine loyalty programs with your B2C payment cards to reward your existing customers and turn first-timers into regulars. 

Enfuce customer stories from leading European fuel retailers

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Key Enfuce features to add to your offering

Flexible payment processing Flexible payment processing
Flexible payment processing

Enhance closed loop fleet cards with cloud-based payment processing or gradually migrate to open loop without service interruptions.

Mobile payments Mobile payments
Mobile payments

Unlock mobile payments with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay for payment cards.

Enter new geographies and segments fast Enter new geographies and segments fast
Enter new geographies and segments fast

A turnkey solution with payment issuing and processing, tokenization, licenses, and compliance – replicable in multiple markets.

Broad B2B offering Broad B2B offering
Broad B2B offering

Build your B2B payments offering with value-added features, such as flexible account hierarchy, VAT invoice handling, discounts and rebates.

Business services Business services
Business services

Our payment and fraud management experts help you throughout you card issuer journey, well beyond the onboarding process.

Rich data exports Rich data exports
Rich data exports

Leverage payment data summaries as a basis for advanced reporting and analytics which enables you to further develop your user experience.

Value-added features Value-added features
Value-added features

Add more features such as loyalty program integrations, compliance or My Carbon Action to make your offering stand out from competition.

Future-proof your business

Technology plays an increasingly important role in today’s business ecosystem. Scaling into new business segments and introduction of new payments features is often challenged by the limitations of legacy infrastructure.

Enfuce’s API-based issuing and processing solution is tailored to modernize closed loop processing and cards offering or enabling gradual open loop migration, while maintaining uninterrupted service to cardholders. Together with us, fuel retailers gain a strong competitive advantage by issuing scalable fuel cards and loyalty programs. Our cards enable value-added functionalities such as mobile wallets, flexible account hierarchies, VAT invoice handling, payment in instalments, support for discounts and rebates, etc. With a modern payment processing provider fuel retailers companies can keep evolving fast and growing in international markets, supported by scalable technology.

Enfuce has served international fuel retailers since its founding in 2016, helping them evolve traditional services and attract more customers as well as deepen the existing customer relationships. We have strong industry knowledge, expertise to support gradual open loop migrations and readiness to drive payments innovation with new oil standard capabilities.

Fuel and energy retailers can stay relevant by embracing partnerships with cutting-edge digital solution providers that are built on a globally scalable and secure foundation. With us, you can future-proof your business.

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