The world is changing rapidly, and that is more than true when it comes to the payments industry. Ever changing regulations and a strong influx of new technology is setting a strain on traditional payment providers that are struggling to keep up, as well as making it more difficult for new players to enter the market. 

Many of the challenges are related to infrastructure, which is costly to procure and expensive to maintain, but there is also a shortage of available expertise on the market, that has both the knowhow and experience to ride this new wave of challenges and opportunities. 

At Enfuce we have chosen to work together with the leading vendors in the industry to be able to combine the best available technologies into one robust payment solution, making us a one-stop shop for banks, retailers, governments and other payment vendors. This collaboration enables us, not only to stay at the forefront of the industry, meeting all the new requirements and supporting the latest innovations, but also helps us capitalize on the global presence and know-how of the vendors we are working with. As such we are able to enter new markets and help start up new businesses quickly, with substantially less effort than most.

On the Issuing and Acquiring side we have an ever-growing team of experts running an industry compliant payment solution, which we are hosting in the public AWS cloud environment. Our expertise and the access to a virtually unlimited amount of computational power, enables us to scale our capacity up and down at any time, with no requirement for any locally stored or owned hardware. It also allows us to easily provide worldwide access to our real time interfaces and services, at moment’s notice.

On the functional side we have a wide variety of services and products that we offer to our customers. We support online and offline payment devices, revolving credit accounts, Instalment products, fleet cards, virtual cards, combo-card etc. We also support both card scheme solutions like MasterCard and Visa, as well as host to host solutions with direct connection to merchants and acquirers. 

All of our products have a wide range of functionality that can be utilized at any time, like flexible loyalty point accrual rules, fee and interest management, transaction switching, invoicing, Accounting/GL output, 3-D Secure etc. We can also provide a Strong customer authentication solution and real time API-calls that you can use to integrate our solutions with your own.

For companies that want to outsource functions like support, back-office routines or other Issuing & Acquiring related service, you can easily leave the heavy lifting to our Enfuce Business Services team, that handles a range of support functions like dispute management, fraud prevention chargeback handling, second line support etc.

In short, the Enfuce solution is built to be flexible, safe and easy to configure and expand. Our experts will help setting everything up, and we can also continue to help support your various business needs after everything is up and running. 

One of our key strengths is that everything is built to support the future. In the cloud, our servers will not break down or grow old since they are continuously updated and replaced automatically, and the global presence also ensures it will remain secure and compliant, wherever you may decide to run your business.