Choosing how to get from one place to another is a daily decision where we often favor convenience and time above everything else. If the carbon footprint of transportation was added to the equation, could it tip the scales?

Breaking old habits can be hard, especially because people have different reasons for why they keep choosing to drive their own car instead of taking the train, for example. It might be a question of driving not only yourself but your family around, too, or that the nearest bus or train stop is too far away for you to go carless. 

But in case choosing your car over public transportation is only a matter of convenience, having the numbers to compare the carbon footprint of different transportation means could help in making more sustainable choices. If you knew that taking the train instead of driving your car means ten times less carbon emissions, would that increase your willingness to commute on rails? Or would you be willing to switch to an electric car if you knew that in 95 % of the world, driving one is better for the climate than driving a petrol car?

Seeing frequently enough the actual outcomes of our unconscious habits helps individuals make notable changes to their lifestyles towards more sustainable choices.

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