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Michael Fabricius believes your employer should be your springboard

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An inspiring work culture, opportunities for personal growth, and shared responsibility for company success were the main aspects I looked for when searching for a job. Enfuce offered me all these in a short time.

I recently returned to Finland after studying abroad and have started actively searching for a new job alongside my studies. While evaluating all sorts of opportunities, I’ve held something close to my heart: that the place I work at when I graduate should be a springboard for my future career. The things I learn now, at a relatively young age, will greatly impact who I will be as a colleague, employee and as a person further along the road.

Enfuce supported my professional ambitions from day one

My last place of work before moving abroad led me into payment services. I quickly thought the payment service industry and how it combines business with technology was interesting. When I learned about Enfuce, the first company in the world to run a payment service platform in a public cloud, I was excited and wanted to see if they had an opening.

From the first phone call, the discussions I had with my future employer revolved around my ambitions and goals, where I want to be, and who I want to become professionally. It was clear from that first conversation that we agreed on the rules I had set for myself. Trust, responsibility and expectations were outlined early on and I was eager to get on board.

Employees are enabled to contribute in meaningful ways

Working for Enfuce has given me a lot in a short time. The team I work with has transformed the ways in which supportive business services in the payment industry can contribute to customer success. By collaborating, planning for the long-term and giving responsibility, Enfuce hands the keys to its employees, enabling them to contribute in various meaningful ways. Since we’re all responsible for the growth of the company, we all feel equally proud when we do good, and likewise accountable, if we should have done better. Being a part of a multicultural and rapidly growing company is an incredible learning experience and extremely motivating opportunity.

One thing that surprised me when I started here was that no matter how fast things are moving, and how busy everyone is, people are willing to take time out of their day to help you out and teach you a thing or two along the way. I remember being a bit concerned about how quickly I would grasp the technical parts of my work. It was never an issue. The team is eager to discuss every detail of our services, be it the Enfuce Open Banking Platform or the Enfuce Payment Platform.

Because of my choice of studies, I tend to approach service offerings by understanding the business concept and value creation of every solution. What surprised me when I was introduced to the services Enfuce offers, was the extent to which technical solutions are focused on the current, and future needs of customers acting in the payment industry.

I can flexibly split my time between studies and work

While I’ve enjoyed working beside studies, finishing my studies in time has always been important to me. Enfuce feels like the company that supports my endeavour and has gone to great lengths to set up a flexible working structure that allows me to focus my time efficiently between studies and work. It shows that here’s a company that cares about more than short term contributions from young employees and are ready to invest in the long-term growth of its workforce. While it’s not easy combining studies and work, knowing that your organisation trusts the process reduces unnecessary stressors, and lets you prioritise your work more efficiently.

I am currently in the homestretch of my studies, and eagerly waiting to start working full-time with the team. Our goal to be the leading provider in the payment industry foreshadows a lot of hard, but rewarding work. Before then, I will enjoy the last benefits that university life has to offer before stepping out into the professional world for good.

Michael Fabricius

Customer Success Manager

We are growing, and we are growing fast! Our team is already strong, but we feel that we can always be stronger. If the values we promote, and the company culture we enforce are to your liking, then we strongly recommend that you come forward by sending an open application to us or checking out our open positions.

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