My Carbon Action for banks

With My Carbon Action, banks, fintechs and financial institutions can make a real impact by helping their customers cut CO2 emissions and integrating sustainability into their services.


What is My Carbon Action?

My Carbon Action allows banks, fintechs and financial institutions to instantly calculate the carbon footprint of individual transactions and help their customers cut and compensate for their emissions. It’s a turnkey solution based on a country-specific scientific data model and user input on individual lifestyle choices.

Cut CO2 emissions

Help your customers cut their CO2 emissions by providing carbon footprint calculations and personalised tips to become more sustainable.

Increase customer loyalty

By helping your customer understand the impact of their lifestyles on climate change, you can gain trust among your customer base.

Better financial advice

You can help your customers make more sustainable choices while giving better financial advice and decreasing your collateral risk.

Easy to integrate

My Carbon Action can easily be added on top of your current payment solution as a value-added service through APIs.

Make a real impact

With My Carbon Action, you can incorporate sustainability into your services and make a real difference in the fight against climate change.


You can also allow your customers to offset the carbon emissions of each purchase. This feature can be added to the solution as an add-on.

enfuce compensate

We partnered with Compensate to help consumers cut and compensate for their CO2 emissions with My Carbon Action

Learn why banks are key enablers in helping consumers live more sustainably.


How does
My Carbon Action work?

  • Calculates your customer’s individual carbon footprint
  • Measures the climate change impact of every purchase
  • Tracks carbon footprint in six different categories
  • Provides customers with 100+ personalised tips for becoming more sustainable
  • Allows your customers to compensate for their emissions

How to launch a carbon footprint calculator

There’s no Planet B. And you don’t want to be a part of the problem, do you? Then take climate action! Start by downloading this free guide. You’ll learn everything you need to know to launch a carbon footprint calculator, and help your customers spend their hard-earned money in more sustainable ways.

Issuer's guide: How to launch a carbon footprint calculator

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The science behind
My Carbon Action

My Carbon Action is based on a validated calculation method called Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), which has been developed together with D-mat, a Finnish consultancy experienced in lifestyle carbon and material footprint calculations. The calculation takes into account the environmental impacts of a product’s entire lifecycle from raw-material extraction, manufacturing and transport to use and disposal.


My Carbon Action in the Media


Dr. Michael Lettenmeier


D-mat Ltd.

“We are happy to collaborate with Enfuce for this new service.

My Carbon Action goes beyond traditional carbon footprint calculators because it provides consumers with direct feedback on the carbon footprint of their purchases. This feedback can help adjust the consumers’ carbon footprint on the basis of their actual consumption.”



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