“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” is a well known quote that I agree with. Building a global company that will exceed tomorrow’s expectations will require a strong company culture. A very important task for me is to create an environment were people with high ambitions can shine and outperform expectations they have set for themselves. It doesn’t matter if it’s about succeeding in marketing, sales, development or solving a production issue, it’s always about the people doing it. When they shine, so will our services and our customers.

Ambition level for Enfuce is set high, very high. One very important, if not the most important success factor for achieving our ambitions, is to hire motivated, curious and courageous people. Skills are important, but we believe that these personalities beat skills. Why? If you are motivated you will for sure learn and grow. If you are curious you will find new and smarter ideas than what is available today. If you have the courage you will take the needed actions to try implementing these new and smart ideas. With these personalities, we are sure that you will be part of creating the Enfuce culture.

Today we are 40+ motivated people building the future of financial services. Thanks to hard work in combination with a bold vision we have been able to attract these fantastic people. There is no easy fix in how to create a strong attractive culture. It’s a combination of having the bold vision, breaking it down to smaller milestones, starting to take small daily actions and giving support and feedback to each other as we move forward. Creating a strong culture requires that you get everybody involved in taking action, it’s not about one person making it happen.

We continually challenge our own thinking to find better ways of working. We try to keep the bull shit to a minimum and give everybody the possibility to focus on getting things done. We promote people to grow and learn. We share, help and care about each other. And yes, as we do things we make mistakes, but we always aim to learn from our mistakes and improve from them. It’s an ever ongoing journey.

Do you want to be part of building the future financial services? Are you a tech person with a will to grow? Do you have high ambitions? I strongly recommend you to apply for one of our open positions or send us an open application. Or give me a call and we’ll discuss!

Andreas Björk

Enfuce Financial Services