From Payment to Purpose

When we founded Enfuce back in 2016, we set out to revolutionize the payment industry to serve customers in a better, faster, and safer way. Our aim is to change the financial industry for good by building sustainable and relevant solutions that have a positive impact on the world we live in.

Today, Enfuce is a fintech house of close to 60 professionals offering payment, open banking, and sustainability services to banks, fintechs, financial operators, and merchants worldwide. We combine industry expertise, innovative technology, and compliance to deliver long-term and scalable solutions in a fast and secure fashion.

All our services are designed with security and compliance at the core. We are PCI DSS compliant, which means that we are allowed to store and process sensitive data. This enables us to launch a variety of services that are changing finance for the better. The end goal is to help our customers provide their end-users a relevant product offering and a seamless user experience. Here at Enfuce, we develop the payment services that support our customers’ success in the fast-changing market not just right now, but years down the line.

The next payment revolution

Our core business is to offer next level issuing and payment processing services through innovative tech, industry expertise and compliance processes to both newcomers and incumbents. For example, we help an innovative neobank with their card issuing processes, so that they can offer prepaid cards with Apple Pay and Google Pay without holding an issuing license.

The payment industry has taken massive strides in the past decades: the first plastic payment card was introduced only 60 years ago, and today we can pay with our phones or other smart devices in an easy, safe, and quick way. We believe that the next step in payment services is switching the focus to the purposefulness of the payment. 

To support our customers’ growth journey, we need to be sustainable not only in our internal operations, but also in the products we develop. If you want to succeed in tomorrow’s business landscape, you need to contribute to the well-being of the planet. We help you do so by informing your end users on purposeful consumption and lifestyle choices that take sustainability into account.

Sustainable financial services are the future. The European Commission has emphasised in their recent report that the financial sector plays a key role in “the creation of a low-carbon, climate resilient and circular economy”[1]. We want to help people take sustainability into account, together with banks, merchants, and fintechs. The future is in the collaboration of these three different service providers enabling consumers to make sustainable decisions. 

What can we do to get the consumers on board with this? It is all about bringing them value and purpose. This is where our service My Carbon Action plays an integral role. Enfuce turns geographical, scientific and lifestyle data into climate action and awareness. The carbon footprint calculation tool is based on a country-specific data and individual lifestyle choices. My Carbon Action first gives consumers personalized feedback on the environmental impact of their consumption decisions. The next step is giving them insights on how to change their lifestyle and consumption choices towards more sustainable options. 

Here is our goal for 2022

Enfuce is committed to working towards a more sustainable planet. Making the carbon footprint of daily transactions visible is a step towards fulfilling our commitment: 70 percent of current greenhouse gas emissions are attributed to urban areas and consumer behavior. We are confident that it is easier to improve your actions for the better when you know what could be changed based on your own carbon footprint.

We believe anyone can be a payment provider, but not everyone can help consumers understand the true impact of their actions. That is what we aim to do here at Enfuce. Our goal is to have 20 million end users of My Carbon Action by the end of 2022. By combining payment expertise, compliance, and sustainability, we trust that we can make a positive impact.

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Monika Liikamaa
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer