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Rocker becomes PSD2 compliant in two weeks and issues 35,000 prepaid cards in under three months with Enfuce

Rocker (previously known as Bynk) was started in 2016 by a founding team of seasoned fintech professionals with the ambition of transforming the banking services – lending, payments, and saving – in a modern, digital-first way. The company has seen tremendous growth in the home market, Sweden, reaching 10 MEUR revenue in 2019. With consumer loans at the core of their business, Rocker is currently working towards the vision of becoming the number-one neobank in Europe with a fully digitalised consumer bank offering.  

As part of the growth strategy, card payments was a pivotal product, so the Swedish challenger bank decided in 2019 to launch consumer prepaid cards with a great user experience and value-adding services. Rocker chose to partner with the industry experts at Enfuce for implementation. Enfuce’s turnkey card issuing solution has allowed Rocker to roll out new features quickly and to find and increase traction with new customers. 

Enfuce and Rocker kicked off the implementation project in the summer of 2019. Agile processes, flexible and scalable payment processing platform, as well as Enfuce’s advanced APIs were essential components in the implementation project that led to a successful initial issue of over 35,000 consumer Visa prepaid cards for Rocker customers, compatible with any payment method, currency, or geography. The payment processing solution was provided in accordance with the highest security standards, full compliance, and a seamless user experience. This marked a successful delivery of another important milestone in Rocker’s journey to becoming a leading challenger bank. 

Enfuce x Rocker solution highlighted features

Flexible consumer card issuing

Enfuce’s turnkey solution allows companies to start issuing prepaid payment cards for consumer or business cardholders in just a few months

Card management via powerful APIs

Enfuce APIs enable helpful features for easy card control, such as geoblocking, dynamic spending limits, view PIN, and push notifications

Fraud monitoring & dispute management

Enfuce provides real-time fraud monitoring via the award-winning ARIC™ Risk Hub by Featurespace and our experts handle dispute management

3D Secure module

Enfuce provides the 3D Secure module, which protects cardholders from fraud when paying online

BIN sponsorship

Enfuce manages the BIN sponsor relationship which is a prerequisite to processing payments

PSD2 API compliance

Enfuce helps meet PSD2 API requirements in weeks with API Developer Portal, Sandbox, and SCA

Peer-to-peer payments

Enfuce provides value-added features for consumer cards, e.g. peer-to-peer payments allowing to split bills between card holders

We’re here to help you

After the initial project, which in a few months’ time enabled Rocker to issue cards with essential features powered by Enfuce’s APIs, such as view PIN, push notifications, and geoblocking, we continued our collaboration to implement new value-added functionality for the Swedish bank challenger. For example, in the summer of 2020 Enfuce provided Rocker with peer-to-peer payments that allowed Rocker to offer bill splitting to their card holders. Now, when Rocker customers make a large group purchase, they can request other group members to contribute their share towards the bill directly in the app. The app then reminds the members until they have paid. 

Rocker also chose Enfuce as their partner to deliver PSD2 compliance. The full compliance solution was delivered in only two weeks, with no additional effort required from the customer. Rocker received a cost-effective solution with a compliant developer portal detailing Enfuce API management. As a result of this effort, the digital bank was able to meet PSD2 compliance requirements in less than a month. Future projects include integrating Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) with Swedish bank ID to further fortify Rocker’s consumer card accounts.

“We are a tech company building flexible and affordable banking services that are super easy to use, with no hidden terms or fees, for the modern consumer.

With Enfuce’s turnkey card issuing solution, we have been able to further strengthen our value proposition for the increasingly demanding market by introducing new functionality fast. Equipped with a flexible card offering that includes real-time fraud monitoring for maximum security and PSD2 API compliance, we are prepared for continued expansion into new markets.”

Andreas Norberg, Head of Save & Spend services at Rocker. 

“Working with a driven, agile digital bank that truly cares about the customer experience has been incredible. At Enfuce, we put customer success first, as well, and that is just one example of a value we share with Rocker. Both our companies have equally bold growth visions and strong dedication to fast delivery coupled with quality of service. With so much in common, Enfuce and Rocker have been able to create magic together, and more successes are ahead,” commented Monika Liikamaa, CEO & Co-Founder at Enfuce.

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