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Santa Zvirgzda appreciates the chance to impact decisions at the new Riga office

Santa Zvirgzda joined Enfuce as a Product Owner in early May 2022. With years of experience as a Product and Project Manager in the technology sector, the work itself wasn’t totally new. What was a first for Santa, was joining a newly established country office. As one of the first Enfucers in Riga, she wants to help create a great working environment at the local site for current and future colleagues.

How does internationality appear at Enfuce?

We are a community of 20+ nationalities, and I am sure this number will continue to grow. We come from various backgrounds and have different experiences that we can share. We work from many locations, so a significant part of everyday collaboration happens online.

What is it like to be one of the first employees in Riga?

It is different from my past experiences. Previously, I’ve joined companies where someone has already chosen most of the things, and you fit into the existing setting.

Being among the first ones in Riga gives me a chance to impact decisions, from what coffee we wish to have in the office to how we want to work on the site. It is exciting and, in a way – challenging. First, you have to define the perfect site for you as an individual and then think broader and, in the long term, whether this is what my future colleagues will enjoy and appreciate.

What was it like to jump into the unknown as the site was just opened?

I didn’t feel like I jumped into the unknown more than usual when switching jobs. I perceived Enfuce as a whole as a company with a track record and the Riga office as a step in growing the operational side of the business, so that the company can be faster and do more. I saw creating the Riga site as a bonus experience in what it would be like to build the team, create an office, and embrace Enfuce’s culture within ours. 

How did you have the courage to join the journey? 

Joining Enfuce ticked many boxes for me, so the decision was easy to make. I was interested in the financial industry and, at the same time, looked for a dynamic and international environment. On top of that, I wanted to continue building products for mobile and have a sense of creating something that enables change.

The financial industry is complicated and hard to get in if you do not have the competence and resources. Enfuce builds products that enable for other companies the financial components for their idea or innovation which in turn can initiate a positive change somewhere else. Being part of a company like this was an opportunity I could not miss. 

What has been the most exciting thing when opening a new site?

It is seeing the potential of what you can do and create, and also the excitement about and curiosity towards the Riga location within Enfuce.

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