I tend to introduce myself as “the Enfuce people geek”. As Chief People Officer my main focus is on the people inside the organization working with the products and services at Enfuce.

I joined Enfuce in January 2019, after many years in a traditional HR role. When I first came across the company I was certain I was ready to start something new. I quickly realised that we shared the same values and a vision of wanting to enable positive change. Similarly, I want to make a positive impact on people, and through them, also on the world around me. I love people and I love supporting employees at Enfuce to grow in different situations and circumstances. I enjoy being surrounded by all the fantastic and driven people that make Enfuce what we are today; a forerunner providing excellent payment services to the world, adding to the success of our partners and customers.

People are at the heart of what we do. We believe in individual development and in growing within the company. We are open, honest and recognise that building on our existing strengths is the key to success and we make sure that what we are best at leads us to the place we want to be. 

We are guided by the 3P methodology of People, Process and Product. We have human development managers whose focus is on the people and supporting professional growth. Our agile coaches create the best possible environment for our fantastic teams to deliver excellence and foster a learning mindset. Product owners at Enfuce focus on defining the product vision and prioritising needs. Although these roles perform specialised functions they are highly aligned by our common goal.

We believe that every single one of us at Enfuce is building this fantastic company. We share experiences, we work hard, we have fun, we fail, we learn, we succeed, we grow together. We are Enfucers, and together we enable change. Together is better. 

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Success starts right here!  

Sofia Janson
Chief People Officer