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Webinar recording: Why you should help customers cut their CO2 emissions, and how

2 minute read

Studies show that 70% of the world’s CO2 emissions are driven by consumers. Therefore, consumer-facing companies have a crucial role in helping their customers to live more sustainably.

Whether you’re a bank, fintech or a merchant, this webinar recording will give you hands-on ideas on how you can help your customers to do it.

Watch this webinar recording and learn:

💡 The role of fintechs, banks and merchants in fighting climate change
💡 How you can help your customers reduce their carbon footprint
💡 How to support your customers in compensating for their CO2 emissions

Duration: 45 minutes

monika liikamaa enfuce

Monika Liikamaa, CEO and Co-Founder at Enfuce

Monika’s mission is to build a more sustainable world with payment solutions.

Niklas Kaskeala, Chief Impact Officer at Compensate

Niklas Kaskeala, Chief Impact Officer at Compensate

Niklas has a long background in several environmental and development NGOs.

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