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Who we are

Enfuce Financial Services´ single greatest asset is the fantastic, driven, intelligent and resilient workforce that every day strives for the best of results in everything they do. Our whole organisation works very hard to enable that go-get mentality that is needed to be, and stay, in the forefront of financial technology.

With the brilliant team we have, we intend to stay on the top.

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Personal development and enjoying the people I work with is what makes me love my job. Part of self-development is sharing that knowledge and helping others improve themselves. Enfuce´s biggest asset are the people working here, and I learn new skills from them every single day.

Together, we are building a new and sustainable business model, that serves the customers of tomorrow. This is what makes us fore-runners and innovators!

Denise Koskinen, Founder / Chief Executive Officer
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The key elements that makes Enfuce a great company, and place to work at, are the possibility to succeed, excellent colleagues and freedom of expressing your ideas. When you combine these elements with our hunger to build the best ecosystem there is for an Open Business concept, then you are set for great things! All of this is of course only possible with the greatest set of individuals out there!

Andreas Björk, Chief Operations Officer
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Working at Enfuce is very inspiring, since I get to work with brilliant people who are the best at what they do. At Enfuce you are able to grow as a professional and be a part of a unique journey.

Christian Kilpi, Head of Business Services
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Enfuce is giving you the freedom for you to excel in your area of expertise and as well challenging you to find new solutions as you are given freedom and trust to solve both the daily tasks but also building for the future.

Markus Swenson, Senior DevOps Engineer
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I want to work with great people and with big challenges where we can make the impossible possible! I am also driven by working with projects that enables positive change and great new services to consumers, services that make their life easier and better is very close to my heart.

Monika Liikamaa, Founder / Chairman of the Board
Open positions

Eager to be at the fore-front of technical excellence? Keen to be part of a company that pushes the boundaries of what was considered impossible not that long ago?