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Digital-first card experience

Deliver an outstanding digital-first experience

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How? By creating winning card products with modern card issuing.

Successful card programmes – both consumer and corporate – start with great cardholder experiences that drive usage and retention.

Cardholders want convenience and security wherever they are buying and paying. Our modularity and flexibility enable issuers to create truly unique and seamless customer experiences. Instant issuance is just the first step in the digital-first experience today’s cardholders have come to expect.

What does modern card issuing look like for the cardholder?

Easy to get started

A standout cardholder experience starts with smooth onboarding. Enfuce supports instant issuing for both physical and virtual cards, meaning cards are immediately available to use for online payments. Cards can also be added to digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay as part of the initial signup flow​, reducing user friction and registration drop-offs. You can offer unique card art to build your brand and help identify cards in digital wallets effortlessly.

Our API-first approach, data exports and real-time notifications about different card life cycle events enable you to create the onboarding and user experience every cardholder wishes they could have.

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Digital Wallet

Easy and secure to pay

We believe payment experiences should be smooth and straightforward for cardholders. Enfuce’s payment processing has an exceptional 99.999% uptime, which means cardholders can trust that payments go through. ​All while Enfuce’s optimised 24/7 fraud prevention runs in the background, keeping everything safe without unnecessarily blocking transactions.

With our experience operating in different geographies, we know how important it is to align authentication processes with local expectations. As a result, Enfuce supports many different ways to do Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) ​for 3D Secure during online checkout.

Real-time transaction notifications let your cardholders know instantly what’s been purchased, making it easier to track spend, and giving payments an additional layer of security.

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Easy to manage

Enfuce’s modern and flexible APIs enable cardholders to manage many aspects of their card via their desktop or mobile application. What does this mean for cardholders?

Goodbye, paper PIN letters. Hello, better UX. Enfuce makes it easy to securely include the set and view PIN functionalities into your application while keeping you as the card issuer out of PCI scope. Cardholders can choose their own PIN and easily check it when needed.

​Cardholders can also freeze, geo-block, cancel, and reorder cards themselves. These features give them a greater sense of control, especially in time-sensitive situations when a card has been lost or stolen, and they want to mitigate the risks of fraudulent activity.

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Why does cardholder UX matter?

Not only does it help you stand out in the market, but it fosters user trust and enhances your brand perception. Cardholder experiences build a foundation to deepen the financial relationship through loyalty programs, payment options like instalments, and other value-adding services.

How can I start testing out Enfuce?

You can create an account in our customer portal MyEnfuce for free, read our API documentation and play around in our sandbox.

See how it works.

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