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Advanced spend controls

Build tailored payment experiences with increased safety and limited risk.

How it works

Maintain control of how and where your payment cards are used while giving your customers a card built for their exact needs

Increase control over spend and make tracking budgets more manageable with less human error and user fraud by setting limits to where, how much, and how the money on your payment cards is spent. Implementing detailed limits will increase the feeling of security for your cardholders and allow you to create very detailed use cases for different needs and customer groups. Enfuce’s advanced spend controls are developer friendly and easy to set up on card, customer and product level.

How Enfuce’s advanced spend controls are used in practice by our customers

Cards that offer precise controls fit for complex industry requirements.

  • Create cards that only work for merchants contracted by you.
  • Limit the amount of spend as well as how often the card is used per day, week, or month.
  • Follow specific regulation in your industry or market.

Cards tailored to any project.

  • For example, a trucker is scheduled to go on a drive starting from London, ending in Budapest, with stops along the way for deliveries.
  • The fleet manager creates a payment card instantly that works only during the scheduled trip, on a certain route, or for certain pit stops, and can only be used to purchase diesel and pay for tolls.

Cards that are adjustable for individual needs.

  • Assign different budgets to users, based on groups or individual cards.
  • Adjust spend limits based on type of purchase or shopping location, like allowing a 500€ sofa purchase but not a 500€ casino purchase.
  • Make changes to unique controls on a card level based on buyer behaviour in real time.

What you can control with Enfuce’s advanced spend controls

Set controls easily through our APIs

  • Block ecommerce transactions or ATM withdrawals
  • Limit spending to specific countries or regions
  • Set daily, weekly or monthly caps on maximum spend
  • Set counters to limit the amount of transactions
  • Can be controlled both by you or your customers
  • Limits can be set by card level or product level



Add your own customer or card data to enrich decision making

Create your own rules for which authorisations are approved or declined in real time with unlimited options. Here are some examples of advanced spend control limits you could create:

  • Limit spend to a certain type of merchant, like grocery stores or a specific merchant
  • Transaction types
  • Past spend behaviour
  • Loyalty score
  • Customer behaviour and demographics
  • …Or any other data that you already have!
Advanced spend control allows you to choose where, when, and how a card is used.

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