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Expense management

Enable great payment experiences and close the loop of filing expenses quicker by integrating a modern processing partner that can support your growth.

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Create an expense management solution that finance teams and end users love

Companies want to automate their financial processes to gain visibility and control of their spend, while keeping their employees happy and productive. Integrated payment cards are a key part of modern expense management, but payment processing solutions are not created equal.

Enfuce’s flexible processing platform powers smooth end user experiences, automated payment data flows and scaling volumes. Enabling you to focus on your core business.

Five new perspectives on how integrated payment cards can take your expense management solution to the next level

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Key benefits of Enfuce Expense Management cards

Key features to make it happen

Expense cards instantly in use

Enfuce supports instant issuing for both physical and virtual cards. As a result, cardholders can add their card to digital wallets like Apple Pay or Google Pay and start making e-commerce purchases as soon as they are given a card.

Smooth and secure payment experience

Customers can select physical, virtual, or tokenised cards based on their needs. Enfuce’s modern payment cards have easy onboarding and smooth authentication. Enfuce also supports multiple cards per account if needed.

Notifications to remember to file expenses

Enfuce’s flexible real-time APIs and transaction notifications make it easy to remind cardholders to file their receipts.

Platform features

Advanced spend controls

Allocate budgets with spend limits, define what kinds of merchants cards can be used with, and what kind of spend patterns are acceptable with Enfuce’s sophisticated spend and authorisation controls.

Transaction data

Enfuce provides two ways to access transaction data enabling user-friendly processes and budget management. Real-time API access to transaction data gives up-to-date visibility and control of expenses, and Enfuce’s rich payment data reports enable data analytics and forecasting.

Account hierarchies

Account hierarchies link cardholders’ accounts so that they can be managed as a group. This allows you to set spend controls on a top account and have them apply to all accounts and cards under it. Account hierarchies make it easy to enforce team budgets or e.g. block ATM withdrawals for whole groups of cards at once.


Expanding to new country markets with your card portfolio is made easy with Enfuce’s multi-country feature.

Service features

Card programme management

Co-create a roadmap that helps you stay competitive. Our experts are at your service. Solution Consultants help you define the card solution you’re looking for and Project Management ensures your implementation project and card launch goes according to plan.

Once your cards are live, you’ll have a committed Customer Success Manager as your point of contact for any issues or questions, keeping you informed of updates to Enfuce’s platform. We support you as you grow and manage your card programme.

Compliance management

Compliance and security are fundamentals to everything we do – we invest heavily in them to ensure that your card programme remains compliant now and in the future.

Our compliance experts follow the evolving regulations and we invest in PCI-DSS certifications, for example, so you don’t need to. This way you avoid the need to maintain a large in-house compliance organisation – we enable you to run your card programme in a lean manner.

“The partnership with Enfuce has enabled us to accelerate our growth into new markets across Europe and allows us to offer Pleo to even more forward-thinking companies everywhere.”

Thorbjørn Fink, COO at Pleo

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Use cases


We have an existing expense management card programme – is migrating possible with Enfuce?

Enfuce has extensive experience in card programme migrations. We’ve done both re-carding and data migrations. So we can help you choose the best approach, scope and plan your migration, and manage the migration project.

Read more about modernisation and migration in our Issuer’s Playbook: Guide to Card System Renewal

How do I make sure my expense cards aren’t used at unauthorised vendors?

Enfuce spend controls support merchant category code (MCC) blocking, which allows you to define what types of businesses cardholders can spend with.

Can I customise the design and branding of my expense management card to reflect my company’s identity?

Yes, we offer several customisation options. You are free to choose your own payment card manufacturer or opt for Enfuce’s MyCard for a faster launch.

What types of payment cards are available for expense management purposes?

Enfuce’s expense management solution supports all card types, meaning you’re all set whether you want to issue a debit card, credit card, prepaid card, tokenized card or disposable card.

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