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Employee benefits

Become the favourite employee benefits platform for merchants, employers, and employees alike. Deliver a great payment experience while scaling your business cost-efficiently.

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Help your customers win the war on talent

Half of surveyed employees would consider a new job based on benefits alone*. As a result, employers are looking for ways to differentiate themselves in the benefits space.

You can help them with benefit cards that are easy to use and instantly available, cover all benefits with one card, and are universally accepted but strictly controlled by you.

Enfuce offers compliant card issuance and processing, enabling cost-efficiency in growing your merchant network. Enfuce supports a modern payment journey that helps your customers stand out as companies that prioritise the employee experience.


Five new ideas on how payment cards can level up your employee benefits solution

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Key benefits of Enfuce employee benefit cards

Smooth and efficient merchant network expansion

Enfuce employee benefit cards eliminate complex merchant onboarding flows and the training currently needed to teach merchants how your payment system works. Merchants prefer the Enfuce platform because it has no learning curve, it requires no extra baubles to store next to their payment terminal, and it enables frequent and reliable reimbursements.

Cost efficiency through automation and standardisation

The Enfuce cards and platform work the same in all countries, saving you the need to invest in custom solutions if you want to conquer new markets. Enfuce will also help simplify several of your day-to-day tasks in onboarding customers, merchants, and cardholders so that you can spend less time on repetitive, manual work.

A seamless benefit experience

Your customers are looking for a solution that makes their employees happy. Enfuce cards are available instantly, so new recruits don’t need to check their mail daily hoping that their card or vouchers have arrived. Instead, they can start enjoying their benefits right away. Enfuce cards also offer embedded payments that allow your cardholders to always have their card with them on their watch or phone, so they can make purchases more spontaneously.

Modern consumers expect to be able to shop online and order their lunch through food delivery services, for example. Enfuce employee benefit cards support e-commerce payments – just like regular payment cards that we are all used to. Except this one you can strictly control to only allow purchases with approved merchants.

Your cardholders shop more, you earn more

A smooth payment experience encourages cardholders to use their card more frequently and maximise the use of their benefits. Instant issuance allows cardholders to start spending immediately and lost or stolen cards can be replaced in real time.

The higher adoption and spend rate means more revenue for you, especially since you earn from the interchange fee of every transaction.

Cardholder features

Start enjoying benefits from day one

Give tokenised cards to your cardholders in real time, so they can start enjoying their benefits from day one. In cases where a card has been compromised, lost, damaged, or stolen and needs to be replaced, you can issue a new physical card that can be used instantly.

Your card always at hand

Allow your cardholders to add their employee benefit card to Google Pay or Apple Pay, so they can always have it with them on their watch or phone.

Multiple benefit types in one physical card

Do you offer different types of benefits, like lunch, recreational benefits, and transport? Simplify payments for your customers and add all different benefits on the same physical card, so your cardholders don’t need to carry multiple cards and remember several PIN codes.

Platform features

Limit card use to purchases approved by you

Control when, where, and how payment cards are used on a granular level. Set limits on card usage based on budget or merchant category codes.

Create sophisticated rules for approving and declining payment transactions in real time with authorisation control. You can also limit purchasing certain kinds of products or services, for example.

Universal acceptance & scalable growth

Open loop cards are universally accepted and the preferred payment method globally. They enable easy operations, scalability, and extra revenue streams for issuers. You don’t need to create any custom integrations, like you would in a closed loop system.

Enfuce has great relationships with both Visa and Mastercard and is a primary member of both schemes, so you can choose whichever scheme you prefer.

Platform feature

Service features

Card programme management

Our experts are at your service. Solution Consultants help you define the card solution you’re looking for and Project Management ensures your implementation project and card launch goes according to plan.

Once your cards are live, you’ll have a committed Customer Success Manager as your point of contact for any issues or questions, keeping you informed of updates to Enfuce’s platform. We support you as you grow and manage your card programme.

Compliance management

Compliance and security are fundamentals to everything we do – we invest heavily in them to ensure that your card programme remains compliant now and in the future.

Our compliance experts follow the evolving regulations and we invest in PCI-DSS certifications, for example, so you don’t need to. This way you avoid the need to maintain a large in-house compliance organisation – we enable you to run your card programme in a lean manner.

Employee benefit card use cases


How do I make sure that my employee benefit cards are not used outside my merchant network?

Enfuce has very precise spend controls that allow you to decline authorisations from outside of your merchant network.

What types of employee benefits can be managed through an employee benefit card?

Employee benefit cards can include any benefit you’d like to offer, for example, mobility, lunch, and recreational benefits like going to massages and concerts.

Can I customise the design and branding of my employee benefit card to reflect my company’s identity?

Yes, we offer several customisation options. You are free to choose your own payment card manufacturer or opt for Enfuce’s MyCard for a faster launch.

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