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Smoothly switch to modern customer payment offerings

Transformation is work. But with the right partner, doesn’t have to be stressful.​

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Businesses are moving to cloud payment solutions for more flexibility and customer responsiveness in a digital world.​

But let’s be honest – the thought of switching can get some pulses racing. None of us want that. And migrations take work, need to be well planned and timelines met.
Risks to customers and internal systems must be mitigated.​

Enfuce provides experience, collaboration, planning and risk mitigation to ensure this process runs smoothly, so your customers and business processes don’t notice the switch. We provide:

Standardised processes and planning​

Experienced, professional teams​

An honest and collaborative approach​

Hear from our customer Pleo about their migration experience with Enfuce

Thorbjørn Fink, Chief Operating Officer at Pleo talks about Pleo’s key criteria for selecting a migration partner in the payments sector. And how important it was to ‘test’ the relationship from the beginning, since they planned to transfer existing customers onto the new platform.

A non-technical overview of what needs to happen in a migration

For those of you who are new to migrations, this is a high level overview of what fundamentally needs to happen.

How Enfuce’s migration process works

We will drive the process, but we see this as a collaborative team effort – bringing together your experts as well as ours.


1. Project setup

We’ll set up the project with a combined team of experts- you and us – we’ll discuss your goals, timelines, risks, and migration options.

2. Discovery

We’ll map your business processes and integrations, discuss product configuration and enable sandbox access.

3. Develop & test

We’ll set up your Enfuce product, connect APIs, and test.

4. Pilot

When it’s time to run an internal pilot – we’ll support you to set up a pilot with friends and family, where appropriate, who can receive cards for example.

5. Migration

We’ll plan the detailed migration actions, map and extract data and do dress rehearsals.

6. Go live

We’ll go live in various stages and load amounts, re-route the authorisation and keep checking for weeks.

7. Prepare organisation for change

Across this, we’ll help prepare your organisation and customers for change.

We’ll bring together a team of you and us

We’ll bring in our own experts. And you’ll have your own core people, as well as specialists who need to be involved.

We’ll drive the process, but we see this as a collaborative, team approach. And together we’ll make up a strong team of experts!

For more insight on Enfuce's approach to migrations, read our solution brochure

Read the solution brochure

Frequently asked questions

What are the different types of migration and how does one decide which approach to take?

At the start of our journey together, we will discuss your goals, concerns, current system setup and technical capabilities. When we understand these, we can make a recommendation as to the best migration approach that is available from:

  • Allowing cardholders to use existing cards
  • Migrating all data or a subset of data
  • Re-carding only
  • A phased approach or a big bang approach

The advantages and disadvantages of each will be discussed and depend very much on information such as the number of customers you have, products, budgets and timelines.

How do you mitigate risks in a migration?

One of the key topics that comes up when people consider migration, is the term ‘risky’. The main concerns around risk tend to centre around two aspects. The impact on your end customer. And the impact and risk to your internal processes.

We mitigate risks by discussing them up front with our customers and factoring them into our methodical, standardised processes and migration testing in a production environment before going live. We can discuss different types of concerns in detail, but in general, following these consistent steps and making sure every connection – be it customer data, systems connected to the existing platform or processes and people involved, are mapped and planned for. It’s how our customers have a smooth switch to Enfuce. One that your customers won’t notice.

How will I know if a migration has gone smoothly?

The migration process is a detailed one – as you can see in the steps we have outlined. And the information and actions that take place at each phase. We take it as a given that the switch will be smooth after all this meticulous planning. And you’ll know it was a success, when there is no detrimental impact on customers. And your internal processes are also not affected detrimentally.

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