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Innovative Credit Solutions to delight your customers

Flow with ease through the changing lending landscape with Enfuce’s highly customisable and flexible credit offering.

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As end user requirements evolve you need a solution that can drive loyalty and deliver happiness to both consumers and businesses

Enfuce’s plug-and-play processing tech, collaborative approach, expertise and ambition enable you to create winning payment products.

With continuing uncertain macroeconomic conditions having a most profound impact on small to medium businesses and consumers alike, what can we do to support these customers? We need to consider that with this difficult climate comes a demand for flexibility of credit which is key both in terms of the type of credit that is given and how it is priced to the consumer or business.

Traditional financial institutions’ reluctance to lend to low-income, seemingly risky, and credit-deficient segments has created an opening for digital lenders to fill the gap and connect with a sizeable underserved customer base.

In addition to the market conditions, consumer expectations are also disrupting the dynamics. They now expect fully digital, transparent, flexible, and affordable solutions when paying for goods and services, and instant funding decisions.

Whether you’re an established or alternative lender Enfuce has the processing expertise, modern tech, and ambition to enable you to build the credit solution you’ve envisioned, and importantly one that meets the lending needs of today’s consumer.

“Developing the infrastructure behind the Qred card together with Enfuce has been very interesting and rewarding. Thanks to the collaboration, we can now launch a card that is safe, scalable to all our markets and most importantly developed specifically for small businesses.”

Thomas Jansson, Chief Growth Officer, and Co-founder at Qred

Insights from Qred: How to simplify payments for small businesses with a credit card

Key benefits of Enfuce's turnkey credit solution

Instant issuing

Give your customers cards as soon as they sign up, so they can start making purchases from day one. We support instant issuing for all card types, enabling a smooth and fully digital onboarding process.

Choose from revolving credit and charge cards, and benefit from a comprehensive set of management features. Whether you have big ambitions and need full credit lifecycle support, or want to test the water we can get you started quickly and validate your business case with smaller card batches through MyCard.

In cases where a card has been compromised, lost, damaged, or stolen and needs to be replaced, you can issue a new physical card that can be used instantly.

Credit line

Credit cards are the most complex and regulated payment instrument. They require a lot of know-how, existing financing, licences, and other resources to be up and running. Leave it to the experts!

Enfuce can provide you with an integrated credit line so you can avoid the hoop jumping and get straight to building the credit product for customers.

*Currently only available in Nordics

Instalment card programmes

Create innovative Buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL) Instalment card programmes with Enfuce.

Instalments are a great way for you to enable steady cash management for cardholders, both for businesses and individual persons. This feature enables a wider, more flexible, offering for issuers as the cardholder may choose to repay the credit card invoice or utilise the instalment feature instead.

We provide Instalments as an add-on feature for the credit product. With the credit card instalments, you already have the revolving credit limit in use, so you know that you can do the purchase. With instalments customers can convert a card purchase and divide the balance into smaller equal payments over a certain period of time giving your customers the opportunity to manage their spending and borrowing flexibly.

Flexible Credit ledger – sophistication simplified

Need a credit ledger to keep record of accounts, balances, interest calculations, payment priorities, essentially any activities related to the credit you offer? With Enfuce’s flexible ledger we have layers of sophistication that allow you to: apply logic to how payments are allocated to different balance items; optionality on how interest is accrued; segregation of balances; and both minimum-to-pay and interest calculations – a truly flexible solution enabling you to offer different credit products to a customer’s whilst keeping track of everything under one account.

All of the credit ledger data points are available via Enfuce’s API and we deliver all the data you need e.g., for invoice data generation and other processes.
Configure payment priorities, interest calculation models and minimum to pay options just the way you like to match your customers’ needs.

Account to account lending

If revolving credit is part of your customer proposition, then would you like to simplify and reduce the cost of your processing? Easy – migrate your A2A lending portfolio to the Enfuce system. By utilising the Enfuce credit ledger you can manage everything in one place, e.g., interest accrual, posting fees, invoicing, and keeping track of balances. You can even combine your credit ledger with BNPL Instalments – issue the loan and make a payment plan for the customer.

Future proofing your business in the changing lending landscape is possible when you can combine different lending products all under one flexible ledger.

Enfuce ESG report 2022 - fostering and financial inclusion

Launching your first card programme? This guide will help you

Discover your complete guide to successful card issuing. Everything you need to know to design a future-proof card product. The guide includes use cases, ecosystem partners, build vs buy considerations and more.

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The card issuer's guide to happiness

Card programme features

Key features to make it happen

Instantly available credit cards. Enfuce supports instant issuing for both physical and virtual cards. As a result, cardholders can add their card to digital wallets like Apple Pay or Google Pay and start making purchases as soon as they are given a card. Your customers will experience a smooth and secure onboarding authentication and we also support multiple cards per account if needed.

In cases where a card has been compromised, lost, damaged, or stolen and needs to be replaced, you can issue a new physical card that can be used instantly.

Whatever the use case, Enfuce has you covered. Win share of wallet with physical or virtual cards with all the features that today’s customers expect. Tokenise your cards, so that they’re always on-hand as a payment method. Enfuce is a forerunner in digital wallet implementations with both Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Card management features in app

Enfuce’s modern and flexible APIs enable cardholders to securely manage many aspects of their card via their desktop or mobile application. This includes view, set, and change PIN, view PAN, card freezing, geo-blocking, cancelling and reordering, meaning cardholders can self-serve on-the-go and won’t have to turn to your customer service.

Transaction data

We make tracking your card programme performance a piece of cake. You can see your account, card, and transaction operations in real-time through the MyEnfuce portal and our APIs. These allow you to monitor your card programme, and share reports with important stakeholders.

In addition, we send you daily data files that include all your card programme’s activities so that you can build a database and forecasts of your own. Issuers also have the ability to notify the cardholder of the card usage, adding a layer of protection.

Multi-country & multi-currency support

Expanding to new country markets, or already have a multi-country and currency footprint, whichever your card portfolio life is made easy with Enfuce’s multi-country feature. We support multiple currencies right out of the box, and we’re experienced in working across markets.

Platform features

Flexible and configurable

Create products for different use cases with ease. Issue the credit solution you want, from standard credit cards to more complex credit products with instalments. We make it easy to start and launch new features and products as you grow your portfolio.

Payment cards are one of the most tangible touch points in your customer journey, making them important to get right. Create an unbeatable card offering with Enfuce’s flexible processing platform.

Cut your costs and time-to-market

With our plug-and-play solutions we can get your vision live quickly without the overhead and risks of designing, building, and maintaining your own payment systems and processes.

Our sophisticated platform covers payment processing, card, and digital wallet lifecycle management, and 3DS processes, not to mention scheme connectivity, and data warehousing and reporting – we can even help you with card manufacturing via our partner network. You’ll also have comprehensive issuer self-service tools for card base management, so you won’t need to invest in building back-office tools.

You can sign up to start testing our APIs today.

Future-proof partner

Great tech partnerships enable rapid deployment of solutions at scale. We are a processing partner that can meet your needs now and in the future.

Enfuce’s enterprise-grade, modern tech scales with you as your card and payment volumes grow. Our cloud-based processing has a 99,999% uptime, and our secure and flexible APIs make it easy to integrate Enfuce with the rest of your banking technology stack.

Not just tech. We also have the straight-talking processing expertise to help you plan your next moves, whether you’re considering expanding your business into new markets or adding new features or products to your card portfolio.

Peace of mind

In a rapidly changing and highly regulated market, you need partners who know the work and dedication involved in meeting regulatory requirements. At Enfuce, security and compliance are at the core of what we do. Our experts handle payments-related compliance (PCI-DSS, 3DS, PSD2, and the list goes on), so you don’t need to worry about it.

We’re award-winning in our fraud management and monitoring. We monitor transactions round-the-clock to make sure that your customers are safe.

Platform feature

Service features

Card programme management

Co-create a roadmap that helps you stay competitive. Our experts are at your service. Solution Consultants help you define the card solution you’re looking for and Project Management ensures your implementation project and card launch goes according to plan.

Once your cards are live, you’ll have a committed Customer Success Manager as your point of contact for any issues or questions, keeping you informed of updates to Enfuce’s platform. We support you as you grow and manage your card programme.

Compliance management

Compliance and security are fundamentals to everything we do – we invest heavily in them to ensure that your card programme remains compliant now and in the future.

Our compliance experts follow the evolving regulations, and we invest in PCI-DSS certifications, for example, so you don’t need to. This way you avoid the need to maintain a large in-house compliance organisation – we enable you to run your card programme in a lean manner.

Collaborative partnerships supported by a modular platform

We’re big believers in collaboration, as we’ve seen firsthand how innovative card programmes are created when best-of-breed partners come together to build something new. We work with leading core banking partners as well as embossing houses and KYC/KYB providers, so you can take a modular approach to building a winning tech stack.

Fraud prevention and dispute management

We’re there for you and your cardholders. Enfuce’s rules-based fraud monitoring engine runs 24/7 and is updated by our team of experts whenever needed (often several times a day). In addition to fraud monitoring, we offer a fully managed fraud service, portfolio analysis, fraud reporting and highly-skilled second-line support to handle disputes in a timely manner.

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We have an existing credit card programme – is migrating possible with Enfuce?

Enfuce has extensive experience in card programme migrations. We’ve done both re-carding and data migrations. So, we can help you choose the best approach, scope and plan your migration, and manage the migration project.

Read more about modernisation and migration in our Issuer’s Playbook: Guide to Card System Renewal


Where can I test it out?

Our customer portal MyEnfuce has a sandbox where you can read about and test out our APIs.

Are you integrated with core banking providers?

Yes, we’re big believers in collaboration and know that in today’s financial technology environment, creating great payment services is teamsport. We work together with companies like Mambu, Skaleet and SaaScada.

What does Enfuce card programme pricing look like?

We have one of the most transparent pricing models on the market, with one monthly fee per card (not per transaction). The model is designed to work with your business as you scale your volumes.

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