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Issue any type of payment card. Simple as that

If you can imagine it, we can make it a reality. From disposable virtual cards to corporate credit cards, we support all card types.

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Bring some magic and fun to your payment experience

Inspired by the pathbreaking services of Amazon, Netflix and other tech giants, people want their payments to be fun and effortless – even invisible. Indeed, the magic of seamless payments is sprinkled everywhere today: on e-commerce sites, music services, investing apps and brick-and-mortar stores – everywhere people spend their time.

In this context, the modern payment card essentially gives people their own magic wand – that lets them use, move and understand money in completely new ways. It also gives businesses, who increasingly demand the same convenience and ease of use as consumers, new ways to manage spending, increase employee satisfaction, and save time by integrating payments with their accounting systems.

So, instead of just enabling transactions, you need to issue seamless payment cards that are adding value to your customers.

What is payment card issuing?

Simply put, card issuing is the process of creating and distributing payment cards, such as credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards for your customers. The challenge is, card issuing involves tight regulations, compliance requirements and licensing, so having an expert issuing partner is crucial for success.

Once the payment card is issued, the cardholder can use it to make purchases or withdraw cash from ATMs, subject to any restrictions or limitations established by you. Enfuce works together with you to process and authorise transactions made with the card, as well as billing the cardholder and collecting payments.

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What are the benefits of issuing payment cards?

Increased sales

Offering convenient payment cards allows customers to easily make purchases, which can increase sales and revenue for your business.

Improved customer experience and retention

Payment cards offer a convenient and fast payment option for customers, which can improve their experience and satisfaction with your business. Becoming a preferred payment method will also increase your customer retention.

Access to detailed customer data

With payment cards, you will gather unique data about customer spending behaviour which can be used for upselling and product development.

Reduced risk of fraud

Payment cards come with security features that help protect against fraud and unauthorized purchases, which can reduce the risk of financial losses for your business.

Easier accounting

Payment card transactions are automatically recorded and can be easily integrated into your accounting software, which can save time and reduce the risk of errors.


Cards are universally accepted which makes them the preferred payment method for most people and businesses. A modern partner can help you tailor your card features to fit your changing business needs.

Get ready to design your dream card product

1. Where do you want to issue cards?

What are your target markets and which currencies do you want to support? While more markets and currencies mean more set up, Enfuce was built to scale effortlessly and give the same seamless user experience to you and your customers, no matter the market.

2. Who are your customers?

Consumer and corporate cards work with a different set of rules and have different earning potentials, so choosing the right fit for your needs is essential.

Curious to know more? Check out this page on corporate and consumer cards to find out more about these different card types!

3. What types of cards do you want to issue?

Enfuce opens your world to credit (charge cards, revolving credit, or BNPL and instalment options), debit and prepaid cards, depending on your needs and business case. Don’t worry if this feels like a lot, we can help find the right card for you!

All card types have their unique pros and cons that you need to think about when planning your card product. Credit cards unlock new earning potential but they have much stricter regulations than prepaid cards, for instance.

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4. Which payment network will you choose?

Next, you will get to choose a payment scheme with a universal acceptance network. That means your card will be accepted practically everywhere and you don’t need to set up each acceptance point manually. Enfuce has a principal scheme membership with both Visa and Mastercard and can help you get set up with the scheme of your preference.

Enfuce also supports closed loop payment systems, so if you have one and are happy with it, we will support you and bring modern cards in as part of your existing system.

Read more about how closed loop systems are driving embedded payments in our blog >

5. Virtual or physical cards?

Depending on your goals, you will choose to issue either virtual cards or physical cards – or both. Virtual cards are convenient because they can be issued in real time and used for e-commerce transactions and embedded in digital wallets. You can choose disposable cards that only work for a single purchase or cards that work for years. The benefit of virtual cards is that you don’t have to wait (or pay) for a physical card and avoid the impact the card and shipping have on the environment.

If you’d like a traditional card that can be used in payment terminals, you should opt for a physical card. Enfuce offers instant issuance for physical cards, which means that your cardholder can start using the physical card in a digital wallet before the actual plastic card arrives in the mail.

6. Do you want to offer digital wallets?

A digital wallet, also known as an e-wallet or mobile wallet, is a virtual application that allows your cardholders to store their tokenised card details and make transactions. Digital wallets typically operate through mobile apps, such as Apple Pay or Google Pay.

They provide a convenient and secure way to make purchases using phones, watches and other devices and wearables. Consumers have come to expect this payment method which is why many card issuers opt for it.

See Enfuce’s Digital Wallets solution >

7. How do you make money from cards?

Cards are a value-add for your customers but they should also bring savings and new revenue streams for you. With Enfuce, you can choose your own interest percentages without limitations. You can also include incentives like rewards, loyalty bonuses, and cashbacks for your loyal customers to encourage them to maximise their spending.

For every purchase made with your (open loop) card, you will earn an interchange fee and gain valuable transaction data that can be used to develop your product and customer experience.

Read more about open loop payments on our blog >

8. Where and how should the cards work?

Payment cards that are issued in Europe are automatically limited by anti-money laundering controls to prevent criminal activity. But for extra safety and to support your business needs, you can choose to implement a variety of sophisticated spend and authorisation controls.

For example, you can select that your cards only work in physical stores, in certain countries or for purchases under 50€.

9. What cardholder features do you want to add?

For added safety and convenience, you can decide to implement purchase notifications in your app. When the card is used, a notification is automatically sent to the cardholder so they can see and keep track of their spending.

Enfuce also has an API for adding a ‘view PIN’ and ‘set PIN’ functionality in your mobile app. This way, your cardholders can check and change their PIN easily directly on their mobile device. We also enable your cardholders to easily view their transactions and available balance and block their card, if needed.

10. What do you want the cards to look like?

Your cards are an effective way to enforce your brand awareness and gain new customers. An important part of designing your card programme is planning what your cards should look like, both in virtual and physical form.

Enfuce has a myCard service for a simple, streamlined process that will get you physical cards faster and with your own design.

11. How to monitor and manage your cards?

Once your cards arrive in the hands of cardholders, you will need a way to manage them. Enfuce’s API allows you to inject your card and customer data in your own portal. But if you don’t have a card management portal built, no worries.

We’ve created MyEnfuce, a customer portal that allows you to close cards and accounts, change details, solve problems and see data on your card base.

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