Digital wallets

Improve customer experience by taking payments mobile.

Digital wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay are becoming a standard part of any modern card offering, thanks to the ease and security they bring to the payment experience. Adding digital wallets can be a great driver of growth and customer engagement for your card programme. Enfuce is a forerunner in launching global digital wallets with dozens of implementations under our belts. 

Why partner with Enfuce to add digital wallets to your card programme?


Enhance your customers’ experience

One of the best ways to simplify the payment experience for your cardholders is to integrate popular digital wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. Bringing your payment card to customers’ mobile devices can help it become top of wallet.

Get cards to customers in just seconds with instant issuing

With Enfuce Card as a Service and digital wallets, you can instantly issue virtual cards. This makes it possible to get new customers paying with your card from day one. You can also easily replace lost or stolen cards, bringing an added sense of security.


Optimise time-to-market with an experienced partner

The digital wallet implementation process can be complex – with multiple stakeholders, technical details, and required documents. It’s also not just about technical implementation either – you’ll need to plan and showcase your marketing visuals and user activation efforts to the wallet providers. Working with a partner who will lead the whole process and has up-to-date knowledge and efficient practices means you can get your digital wallet implemented in as little as 3 months.

Stress-free even after launch

The story doesn’t end once you’ve implemented your digital wallet(s). Wallet providers require regular reports on e.g. transactions done & declined – categorised and structured according to their definitions. Creating and automating these reports can be time-consuming, but Enfuce can handle it for you. Digital wallet providers and card schemes also regularly publish new requirements, and working with us ensures you’re always compliant and up-to-date.


Use cases for digital wallet offerings


Tap into a wider market with digital wallet offerings

A Nordic challenger bank decided to provide all three major digital wallets (Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay) at the same time and saw an over 30% growth in customers and a 50% increase in the rate of digital wallet activation.


Launch a digital wallet outside legacy systems 

A medium-sized regional bank wanted to add Apple Pay to increase their card transaction volumes and customer satisfaction. Enfuce enabled Apple Pay for them by circumventing their legacy systems in just three months compared to the industry standard five months, saving them time and money.


Award-winning expense management

Digital wallets can be a part of many types of payment card solutions. Pleo’s corporate cards, built on Enfuce’s Card as a Service platform, have digital wallets enabled. End users can purchase what they need to for work and file their expenses – all on their mobile devices.

Hear it from customers – they love and praise us!

As a customer, you’ll get easy-to-use, safe and scalable payment solutions that your customers and end-users worldwide can trust and love. Check out what our customers think about working with us!

Hear it from customers – they love and praise us!

As a customer, you’ll get easy-to-use, safe and scalable payment solutions that your customers and end-users worldwide can trust and love. Check out what our customers think about working with us!

The collaboration with Enfuce is enabling us to offer more cutting-edge features to our existing and new customers faster. With their card-issuing service, we’ve been able to smoothly and quickly onboard end-users in six markets.

Niccolo Perra, CTO and Co-Founder at Pleo

We and Enfuce spoke the same no-nonsense language right from the start. Like us, they don’t beat around the bush. We understand how they work, and they understand how we work. This is a huge asset for us when it comes to technical discussions and development.

Jean-Daniel Guyot, Co-founder and President of the Management Board at Memo Bank

With a card issuing solution, we have been able to further strengthen our value proposition for the increasingly demanding market by introducing new functionalities fast.

Jonas Hultin, CEO at Rocker

Enfuce has enabled us to build smarter and socially conscious banking services. They’re not only a partner in our venture, they are a crucial element in our above-and-beyond value proposition to our customers.

Haukur Skúlason, CEO at indó

People say that My Carbon Action has really had an influence on their lifestyles. What we have seen while working with Enfuce is their willingness to think along with us to create the best possible solution for us.

Joyce Ohello, Innovation Manager at Rabobank

Unlike many other processors, Enfuce has been able to filter out all the payments-related jargon and present the solutions in simple terms.

Thomas Jansson, Chief Growth Officer and Co-Founder at Qred

Enfuce’s service enabled us to meet and exceed all PSD2 requirements, and tap fully into the opportunities of open banking. With Enfuce’s platform and industry-leading expertise, everything was taken care of — from the fine print to fully deployed APIs.

Jari Jokisilta, Head of Baltic Development and Maintenance, OP Corporate Bank, Baltic Banking

With Enfuce, you can create a digital wallet solution that’s…



Launch your digital wallets in as little as 3 months and issue cards virtually in real time.



Access a cloud-based platform with the capacity to scale globally across currencies and regions without scaling costs.


Secure and compliant

Benefit from 99.99% uptime, 24/7 fraud monitoring, dispute management, and PCI-DSS. Stay card scheme and wallet provider compliant without extra work. 

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