Get your card programme live hassle-free with Enfuce Programme Management.

Card programme management ensures your cards go live smoother, which means significant operational savings. We guide your lean team in building a compliant and scalable payment card system for your business. You have access to our award-winning, certified experts and their knowledge to get the most out of your card business. This service covers:

1. A strategic function where we make sure that your card product is set up and scoped to achieve your goals. We also look beyond today to see how you can grow and maximise the business potential of your cards.

2. An operative function that connects you to schemes and needed licences. It keeps your card business always compliant, trains your staff, handles second-line support, manages fraud, and consolidates disputes.

How card programme management
helps you throughout your journey


Solution mapping


Getting started right is half the battle. Whether you have a predefined list of the capabilities you need, or just a general idea you want to achieve with your card programme, Enfuce is there to give you a strong start.

Enfuce Solution Consultants help crystallise the vision and strategic goals of your card programme and the feasibility of the project, what is required, how everything should work, timelines, and so on.

We work with advanced issuers, like banks and unicorn fintechs such as Pleo, who already have a lot of experience, capabilities, knowledge, and necessary licences and just need a modern, scalable, and secure partner. 

We also know our way with less experienced, aspiring issuers like startups and companies whose expertise is outside of card issuing. For these customers, we offer an end-to-end service with BIN sponsorships, including our own EMI licence and strong scheme relationships.


Implementation is a critical stage in defining the future success of your card programme. Our experts work hand in hand with your team to make the implementation or migration journey a success. With Enfuce, you have a committed onboarding team to make sure that the implementation or migration project goes smoothly and everything is delivered as agreed and on time. 

There are a lot of steps and connections to manage to get a card programme live. These might include a tokenisation project to access digital wallets like Apple Pay or Google Pay, creating physical cards, and working with card schemes like Visa and Mastercard, for instance. The exact steps depend on what functionalities you want for your programme.

Day-to-day and growth 

Once your cards are active and your customers start paying with them, the operations start. You need to thwart fraud, handle disputes, keep up with compliance, and arrange support for your cardholders. Managing all this on your own is possible, but it demands a lot of resources like hiring specialist teams and setting up processes. Enfuce offers a full service of fraud, dispute, and 2nd line support experts that can help.

Your strategic goals and building up your card business are a priority for your Customer Success Manager, who will continue to support you after implementation. They know your business and have a solid track record in helping customers scale and expand in new markets and products. They will listen to your needs and share them with our product management team who make sure that Enfuce is constantly upgrading in capabilities to better support you.


We were looking for a payment processing partner that would not just provide a quality service with a strong technological foundation, but also understand our growth vision and help us get there. With Enfuce, we found a trusted, competent partner that goes the extra mile to implement card solutions enabling the smoothest possible experience for our customers in six markets.

Niccolo Perra, CTO and Co-Founder at Pleo
Niccolo Perra Pleo

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