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Let us take the stress of ​on-time, physical card creation and distribution. Not you

..with Enfuce MyCard alongside Enfuce payments platform​.

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You need a slick card creation and distribution process, so that customers receive the right card at the right time, have a good experience and so that you don’t lose customers due to dissatisfaction in the card issuing process.

But the trouble is, when it comes to issuing cards…you need

Knowledge – of the card creation process, industry, compliance…

To manage different stakeholders – following up, chasing and ensuring they deliver on time

Time to get involved in these time-consuming tasks, which can be better spent elsewhere.

With Enfuce as your processor of choice, we can also handle the manufacturing, management and distribution of your physical cards.

​ It’s fast, stress-free and transparent. We’ll make sure your cards arrive on time and correctly. We’ll handle suppliers, stock, trends – so you don’t have to. And we’re transparent about pricing.

Choose from fast and simple, to standard customisation and highly customised

Biometric cards​

Metal cards​

Personalised carriers​

R-PVC (post industrial waste) cards

PLA (from corn starch) card

PET (from plastic bottles) cards

Custom edge colours for cards​

Vertical front, horizontal back​

Enfuce produced Funding Circle’s FlexiPay cards, helped reduce the number of suppliers and streamlined the process for them

“We’ve expanded our offering to meet more customer needs by giving them more ways to spend. We’re pleased to be partnering with Enfuce in launching the card which is another milestone in our ongoing product development journey.”

Enfuce and Funding Circle partner to launch new business credit cards for small businesses
Enfuce partner with Funding Circle to launch new credit cards

Frequently asked questions

If I want really specific cards to match our brand, can you do this?

Our bespoke options are indeed for this very purpose. You might have a campaign or very niche customers and you want your cards to be very aligned with your customer profiles and values. This is where the highly customisable options can come into play.

Or you might be keen to align with the sustainable nature of your customers and have very sustainable options. This is where ocean waste or corn based for example might suit you.

You can also add highly customised carriers and envelopes to suit your brand. We’d love to discuss what you are looking for and make it happen for you.

If I want a quick option, is that available?

Yes. We have standard, MyCard Express cards, which are black or white and in stock. You can use a simple template to add your logo, colour etc and get these out the door much quicker.

These tend to be useful for quick starts, trials or pilots. Or where you would like something lower cost to fit your budget needs. These cards use recycled PVC and have limited customisation options.

If I want to offer a sustainable solution to my customers, can the whole programme be focused on this?

Yes. We encourage our customers – whichever card they choose – to be as sustainable as possible. We suggest you use our ViewPIN and SetPIN features, so your end customer does not need to receive a separate PIN letter​ and we use recycled plastic cards​.

With our premium, more customised options you can of course have the carriers (a letter or similar which holds the card being sent) and envelopes made of recycled paper. A broad range of recycled cards are available – including corn, ocean plastic and more​. And depending on which card is chosen, they can be recycled in normal recycling.

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