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Nonprofits & governmental organisations

Commit to financial inclusion via spend controlled payment cards that can be handed out instantly, without regulatory hoops to jump through. Satisfaction is making access to finance equal in society.

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Everyone deserves a seamless payment experience

Nonprofits and governmental organisations need to distribute aid in a way that’s reliable and compliant, reduces the administrative workload and ensures that money is used for the intended purpose. Giving cash is not efficient, it’s difficult to track and risks the funds going into the wrong hands.

Not-for-profit organisations need to focus on helping those in need rather than using limited resources to understand payments and navigate compliance. This can be a challenging issue to tackle since payments are not their expertise.

Thankfully, the right partnerships allow you to focus on your mission. Enfuce offers turnkey card programs where we combat fraud and handle disputes, everything you need for local and country specific regulations and compliance, while you focus on the good stuff – delivering globally accepted instant prepaid cards with built-in spend controls to those in need.

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The advantages of Enfuce nonprofit and government cards

Financial inclusion

  • Serve people who are not eligible for traditional banking.
  • Give your customers dignity & anonymity by using universal payment cards instead of complex aid vouchers.

Customisable to any customer group

  • Set custom features and advanced spend controls to serve anyone, with any need. For example, you can create a card that only works in pharmacies, a card for purchasing only furniture, etc. Sky’s the limit.

Smooth operations, cost optimisation, and maximum control

  • Cards can be given instantly without needing to go through a lengthy application process.
  • Cards can be delivered directly to your specific offices or locations, making sure your cards are in the right place when needed. This eliminates the hassle of shipping cards back and forth internally, saving time and resources.
  • Advanced spend controls minimise fraud.
  • Enfuce provides both a portal for your customers to manage their funds and activate their cards and a portal for your employees to manage your cardbase and assist customers as needed. This will help speed up your go-live and save on costs since you don’t need to develop these UIs yourself.

Your cards, our complete service

  • The Enfuce payment solution is turnkey. We have a modular platform that offers everything from virtual and physical cards to payment processing, dispute management and customer support. All you need to decide is for whom, how and when you’d like to start issuing cards.

Cardholder features

Access to funds from day one

Give tokenised cards to your cardholders in real-time, so they can access the funds they need immediately. In cases where a card has been compromised, lost, damaged, or stolen and needs to be replaced, you can issue a new physical card that can be used instantly.

Digital-first payment experience

Let’s face it. People expect a digital-first experience when it comes to payments.
It makes life smoother, reduces friction and takes steps off otherwise long and arduous onboarding processes. The Enfuce cardholder portal allows your customers to activate their cards, check their balance, change their PIN code, etc

Learn more about Enfuce’s digital-first card experience

Platform features

Payment control with advanced spend controls

Regulate control over spend and user fraud by setting limits to where, how much, and how the money on your payment cards is spent. Implementing detailed limits will allow you to create very detailed use cases for different needs and customer groups. Enfuce’s advanced spend controls are developer-friendly and easy to set up on card, customer and product level.

Learn more about Enfuce’s advanced spend controls

World-class compliance keeps your business safe

We invest heavily in compliance and security to ensure that your card programme remains compliant now and in the future. We hold the needed licenses in-house because all licences are not equal and we only settle for the best. Our EMI licence is granted by the credible and reputable Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA) as our regulator, with high compliance standards. We don’t operate through 3rd parties in EEA countries to ensure that you are not exposed to unnecessary risks.

Our experts follow the evolving regulations and we invest in training and certifications, so you don’t need to. This means you can focus on growing your core business whilst we take care of compliance, reporting and APIs for you. Enfuce will handle PCI DSS, GDPR, PSD2 (including open banking, third-party provider (TPP) validation, and consent management), and card scheme compliance for you.

Cards that are always live with 99,999% uptime

Your customers deserve cards that work. All the time. Enfuce’s platform has an industry-leading uptime of 99,999% which means you won’t need to worry about the cards working as they should.

Platform feature

Service features

A ready-to-access customer portal

Get real-time access to your customers’ data with a platform that’s intuitive to use and supports your operations, quickly. ​The portal allows your employees to easily manage your card base and perform actions like closing accounts, reissuing cards, and resetting PIN attempts, for instance.​

You can also set different user levels for your employees to ensure the information they see is relevant to their roles and keep your sensitive data safe.

24/7 Fraud monitoring & management

Fraud monitoring is both an art and a science. It’s about keeping up with the intricacies of ever-evolving fraud trends and building systems to detect fraud attempts and minimise losses. Our rules-based monitoring engine is updated by our team of experts whenever needed. That’s 24/7 monitoring making sure your fraud ratio is the lowest possible.

Our fraud-fighting efforts don’t end with monitoring transactions, we offer a fully managed fraud service. By outsourcing to us, you won’t need any fraud or dispute specialists, training, or processes in place in-house. Our fraud prevention system runs 24/7 and in addition to monitoring, you’ll get portfolio analysis, fraud reporting and highly-skilled second-line support.

We’re there for you and your cardholders. You’re in safe hands because we are award-winning and exceptional in this space.

“In 2009, when I arrived in France as a refugee, I didn’t have a bank account while I had a few income assets. But when I had no more cash, I was not able to buy anything… After a few months, I was finally able to open a bank account, but without the card that would allow me to withdraw money from ATMs or pay in stores or online.

This situation lasted for over a year and negatively impacted my personal and professional life. We created Welcome.Place to make sure that every newcomer could have access to banking solutions suited to his/her situation.”

Rooh Savar, Co-Founder and CEO of Welcome.Place

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