We take the on-premises + legacy tech + boring + corporate + suit-and-tie
out of payments

Join our diverse team of experts in building the best payment services in the world –
towards unicorn and beyond. As an Enfucer, you get to contribute to our growth, company
culture, and fun work days for all. As Enfuce, we get to contribute to your sense of purpose,
work life balance, and continuous learning.

What is Enfuce?

Payments services can be boring – building the solutions to enable them shouldn’t be.

Safe and seamless payments should be accessible to everyone in the world. Enfuce builds accessible payment services for all.

We are a one-stop shop for payments services powered by payment lifecycle and scalable technology expertise that drives us to take the boring out of payments. Our team of diverse, driven, forward-thinking experts is always ready to welcome new members to share our exciting growth journey.

We firmly believe that when we take care of our employees, they take care of our customers.

Our vision is to be the world’s number-one payments company for our customers, and the best workplace for our employees. And this means that together with motivated colleagues we can keep perfecting our payment card product and delivering the best financial technology expertise to banks, financial technology companies, and merchants around the globe. 






women in managerial positions


end-customers globally

Culture at Enfuce

You bring yourself – we bring the cultural foundation that nurtures growth and wellbeing on a personal and company level.



We have trust in every Enfucer as a default. We trust everyone to carry out their work to the best of their ability and care for themselves, their colleagues, and Enfuce. If trust is lost, we give people the chance to rebuild that trust.


We make mistakes. We disagree. We are fundamentally different from one another. Through it all, we respect one another by acknowledging those differences and embracing the opportunities to gain new perspectives. We have a zero-asshole rule in place to protect every Enfucer against bullying, shaming, undermining, verbal abuse, and all other forms of disrespect.



We want all Enfucers to see crystal clear what we work towards and how everyone’s input is crucial. We wreck silos by communicating and carrying responsibility outside team borders. We acknowledge that assumption is the mother of all fuckups and encourage each other to follow through, ask questions, and share knowledge.


We strive for growth and success on a personal and company level. We will provide the tools and resources to do that, and we will lead by example. By learning together and supporting one another through the rough patches, we can reach and exceed our shared goals.


Psychological safety

We are a community where everyone can ask questions, raise issues, communicate ideas, and express emotions without fear of negative consequences. We help people reach their full potential by making them feel they can be open and vulnerable as their true selves.

Check how our company culture ticks your boxes.

We put together a culture manifesto to outline the cultural foundation at Enfuce.


Our values guide our success

We live our values of Think big, Collaborate, Excellence and Sustainability every day – we don’t just talk about them.


Think big

“We are given the freedom and ownership to innovate new things, share bold ideas, and develop existing processes to contribute to the company’s success.”



“I never feel alone at Enfuce because I am included as I am. We have people from all backgrounds, so there is always someone who is ready to help, and I never feel stupid for having to ask.”



“Enfuce helps us grow and succeed so that we can help our customers grow and succeed.”



“We are making seamless and safe payments available to everyone in the world, and having fun at work while doing it.”


Easy-to-use benefits make your work and caring for yourself more effortless.
Enfucers have a say in the benefits so that they match our people’s real needs.


Choose your own tools

PC or Mac, we don’t mind but we know you do. Choose your own phone, too. We have a phone plan in place for all employees.


Work from wherever

We have offices in Espoo, Mariehamn, London, and Riga where you can meet your work buddies. Also, you are welcome to work remotely whenever you feel like it.


Fair pay and employee stock option

We value the input of every employee and want you to tap in on the growth we build together. That’s why our salaries are competitive and reassessed regularly, and you have access to an employee stock option program.


Extended occupational healthcare and insurance

We offer healthcare and well-being programmes in all locations, including mental well-being coaching. The specific programmes might vary depending on your location.


Regular fun with your team

To spend other than work-related time with your teammates, you get a team activity budget for three quarters a year. The fourth quarter is reserved for a company-wide event.


Individual learning budget

You get a yearly learning budget of 400€ to use for courses and other relevant learning opportunities that help you develop your skills.

Meet the teammates

Enfucers fill you in on what it’s like to work at a rapidly growing fintech company towards unicorn and beyond.

Open positions


Find a fit

The specific things we wish to discuss with you will depend on the position you’re applying for. As for our recruitment process, it is designed to help us understand your interests, capabilities, and desire to grow, as well as to give you a clear picture of the role, what Enfuce is like as a workplace, and where we are headed as a company.

Generally, we look for a strong desire to learn, passion for technology, willingness to work hard, and understanding that collaboration is the key to success.

We trust people to know best when, where, and how they get work done.

This means that we support working remotely while at the same time provide office spaces that support modern knowledge work. As everyone is different, we think it is best to give you a say in how you wish to work, and discuss that with your team leader and colleagues.

Enfuce is a global company currently with offices in Finland (Mariehamn and Espoo), Latvia (Riga), and the UK (London).

There are many jobs for which the company might be able to sponsor visas, depending on the requirements of the job and the qualifications of the candidate. Feel free to apply for any jobs you’re qualified for. If the role is appropriate for visa sponsorship and you’re qualified for the job, the recruiter will let you know how to proceed with the interview process.

Apply for our jobs as you normally would. When you have applied, let us know in the first interview about your relocation requirements and we will assess the situation to understand how to best assist you with relocation and/or visa or work permit matter.

Applying for a job

Search and apply for a job on our Careers website. If you can’t find a suitable position, you can send us an open application on our career page, as well. We’ll then be in touch with you later on when we have potentially matching job openings.

We do have an employee referral program. We encourage you to reach out to any friends or former colleagues who work at Enfuce so that they can submit your information.

Interview process

You’ll typically have three to four interviews with us. Each takes up to 45 minutes or an hour, and typically you will meet one to three people at each interview. We’ll keep you updated on these during the process.

Be prepared to elaborate how you meet the requirements of the job description by sharing specific examples from your past, and ideas about how you would solve a specific challenge or complete a task that is relevant in the role you are applying for. 

For some of our jobs you may be assigned a task to write code, create a presentation, or provide examples of your work in other ways. We will always inform you on these during the process.

We are also interested to hear about your general ways of working and what makes an ideal workplace for you. 

After the interview

The recruiter in the specific process you have been a part of will keep you up to date and elaborate the specific timelines for the role you’ve applied for.

News & insights

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