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MyEnfuceJourney –  Empowering Ethical Growth and Collaboration

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#MyEnfuceJourney – Behind the delivery of happiness

Welcome back to a new chapter of #MyEnfuceJourney, our blog series where we shine a spotlight on some of the incredible individuals at Enfuce and delve into their unique journey that brought them here. 

At Enfuce, our people are the driving force behind our success. They are not just employees, but they are the heartbeat of everything we do, making Enfuce a place where happiness is truly built in.

In this episode we’re excited to speak with Daniel Alter our Chief Risk Officer and Money Laundering Reporting Officer here at Enfuce, who makes sure we have top-notch systems and controls to manage risk, stay compliant, and tackle financial crime effectively.

Read on to discover how our exceptional Enfucers create and deliver happiness, driving industry-wide change

Hi Dan, can you give us a brief introduction of your role at Enfuce?

As Enfuce’s Chief Risk Officer and Money Laundering Reporting Officer, I’m responsible for ensuring we maintain robust systems and controls for the effective management of risk, compliance and financial crime. 

Enfuce operates a three lines of defence model, with my function sitting in the second line. This means I work with stakeholders all across the business to ensure we can deliver best in class products and services, whilst maintaining the highest standards of compliance and ethics.

What first brought you to Enfuce?

I was persuaded to join Enfuce the moment I met Denise and Monika. 

Two things that are really important to me are company culture, and vision. 

Denise and Monika’s vision was clear and uncompromising, a huge amount of purpose and ambition, this really excited me. This wasn’t all, it was clear that Enfuce has integrity and ethics in its lifeblood, and that scaling ethically is as important as our final destination. 

Finally there was a third component which I was not expecting. Enfuce felt different. I could see there was camaraderie, a real intention to succeed together. I had to be a part of this. After a year and half, I can say with even more certainty, there is something intangibly special about working here

How would you describe Enfuce in 3 words?

Genuine, Collaboration, Quality!

What has been the most memorable moment / achievement during your time here?

Without a doubt, receiving our Electronic Money Institution authorisation in the UK. 

Can you describe a challenge you faced while working here and how you overcame it

I don’t see challenges, only puzzles that need to be solved! Our business isn’t straightforward or easy, but that’s what keeps me motivated.

When I think about what we offer our customers, it’s a problem solving service! Our customers often approach us with innovative payment ideas, and with our expert team we get our heads together, and from a starting point of maintaining compliance, we work to find pragmatic and commercial solutions. 

Rich Collaboration. All of our values are important, but collaboration is the glue that holds everything together, and acts as a multiplier of our other values. If all the other company values we have are demonstrated at an individual level this brings great benefits, but when we collaborate with our colleagues and customers, only then do we reach our full potential and actualise synergies.  

How do you see yourself contributing to Enfuce’s success in the future?

My primary contribution will be to continuously enhance the maturity of our risk and compliance management frameworks, ensuring Enfuce grows and scales safely.

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