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MyEnfuceJourney –  Fueling Customer Success and Excellence

Image for MyEnfuceJourney –  Fueling Customer Success and Excellence

#MyEnfuceJourney – Behind the delivery of happiness

Welcome back to a new chapter of #MyEnfuceJourney, our blog series where we shine a spotlight on some of the incredible individuals at Enfuce and delve into their unique journey that brought them here. 

At Enfuce, our people are the driving force behind our success. They are not just employees, but they are the heartbeat of everything we do, making Enfuce a place where happiness is truly built in.

In this episode we’re excited to speak with Minesh Patel our Team Lead for Customer Success here at Enfuce, who drives customer excellence, making sure our customers are not only taken care of, but they also smash their goals.

Read on to discover how our exceptional Enfucers create and deliver happiness, driving industry-wide change.

Hi Minesh, can you give us a brief introduction of your role at Enfuce?

I work as a team lead in our Customer Success team. So my responsibilities are split between looking after some of our great tier 1 customers as well as guiding our super team of Customer Success Managers at Enfuce. In Customer Success we look after customers post signature, ensuring they have a single point of contact to work with to secure their short and long term goals with Enfuce.

What first brought you to Enfuce?

Having previously worked in Customer Success in fintech SaaS and then an all in one BaaS and CaaS solution, I was really excited to zoom in on the issuing and processing side of the industry. Enfuce got in touch with me about potentially joining the team and the Enfuce ambition and values matched my own.

How would you describe Enfuce in 3 words?

Rational, Clever, Lively

What has been the most memorable moment / achievement during your time here?

Our Company Kick Off in January was a particular highlight. Working from our London location means we don’t get too much time with all our colleagues in the same place at the same time. Spending that time with everyone and being acknowledged by my peers at our E-spire awards was a memorable moment for me personally. 

Can you describe a challenge you faced while working here and how you overcame it

I often come across a number of challenges being the link between our customers and supporting teams so it’s difficult to pinpoint one. However in every scenario my colleagues have kept true to the rich collaboration value and always been at hand to find solutions. From a personal perspective having always worked for UK based business I was worried about joining a business born out of the Nordics, however it’s been an enjoyable journey once you get your head around Finnish humour, Swedish speaking Fins, Ice lake swimming and summer cabins with WiFi but no running water! 

They all make sense when I think about my colleagues and how we go about our day to day responsibilities. However if I was to pick one it would be beyond expectations. It encapsulates the skills of a number of the other values and really represents how far Enfuce wants to go for its customers.

How do you see yourself contributing to Enfuce’s success in the future?

Customer Success’s main objective is to retain and expand our revenue for years to come. I want to be able to do that with some of our most exciting customers. From a personal perspective I would like to continue to grow in my remit of leading our Customer Success managers and continue to build our world class customer team. 

And that’s a wrap! Interested to hear more from other incredible Enfucers shaping the future of fintech? Check out other stories and get to know awesome Enfucers like Emilia Raappana and how she’s driving product innovation.