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A fully managed Fraud Management service and a compliant Dispute Management solution that allow you to focus on your core business

How it works

Create a safe and frictionless payment experience

Becoming a card issuer opens up new and exciting possibilities, but also new risks and responsibilities to keep both your and your customers’ money safe. Your reputation as a safe and compliant issuer is your most important asset and fraudsters snatching your sensitive data is the fastest way to permanently damage your name.

There’s a lot at stake. Fraud trends are changing by the day and outsmarting hackers needs constant attention and expertise. Compliance rules are updating frequently, and what was once best-practice in dispute resolution might go against regulation when rules are revised.

Handling both dispute management and fighting fraud yourself is possible, but it requires heavy commitment and investment. You need to hire specialist teams, set up processes, find the right systems and platforms, complete compulsory training and update your knowledge on the go. Alternatively, you can benefit from the top-rated Enfuce Fraud and Dispute Management experts who will take care of all this for you, with proven success.

Key benefits of Enfuce Fraud and Dispute Management



Get a service that goes beyond a tech solution

You deserve more than just access to the API keys to a fraud module and someone leaving you to figure it out on your own. With Enfuce, you get access to our winning trio – powerful technology, skilled experts, and tried and true processes to run everything smoothly.


Create safety without a negative impact on customer experience

You want diligent fraud monitoring and efficient dispute resolution without any extra steps or slower processing for your customers. Our service is designed to give you maximum security, with zero delays to your customers.

Suspected fraud and dispute situations are stressful for your customers. We focus on a speedy and clear process to maximise customer satisfaction in these unfortunate events.


Focus on your core business,
we handle the rest

You don’t need to worry about fraud and dispute operations. We will process cardholder credits, chargebacks or write-offs, arbitration cases and compliance cases for you. We’ll solve cardholder disputes and possible issues with incorrectly processed payment transactions.

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Tap into our holistic knowledge of fraud and disputes

Your business is our specialty and we’re constantly growing our expertise about fraud and dispute management through our portfolio of customers. At Enfuce, fraud and dispute management operate in close collaboration to identify patterns before they cause damage. Due to this holistic approach, our fraud prevention rate is consistently at a high level*.

*Enfuce Fraud Detection Rate 99,12% in 11/2022

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Ensure your compliance

We will make sure that your service is compliant with both card schemes and PSD2. Fraud prevention is a priority for card schemas and they require all issuers to have fraud procedures in place. Our experts know all there is to know about card scheme dispute rules, procedures and legislation, so you don’t need to learn these yourself.

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Enjoy our top-rated expert service

Customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority. That’s why our customers give us a rating of 4.9/5 on our service.** We are so committed to delivering the best knowledge to our customers that we were the first company in the world to acquire Visa’s Dispute Resolution Certification.

**Enfuce ticket feedback for 2022

Benefit from our scheme relationships

When issues arise, you don’t need to get in the thick of it. We will report fraud to the card schemes on your behalf. We know that in fraud cases, time is money and responding quickly to card schemes will save everyone a headache. We have excellent relationships in the fraud field that you will also benefit from.

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