Create new revenue streams and grow your business with payment cards.

Create the best user experience and show results in a demanding market.

The fintech landscape has become very competitive over the last few years, and there is no end in sight. This puts more pressure on you to accelerate the growth of your fintech challenger and get more funding. At the same time, you might not be able to develop your offering fast enough to keep up with your competitors, or take away market share from the established players.

To establish yourself and realise your vision, you need to be fast and start offering feature-rich payment card products that make payments faster, safer, and more convenient for your customers. At their best, payment cards create new revenue streams for your business, help you get more customers, improve customer experience, and increase customer loyalty.

Launch a payment card product and strengthen your value proposition.

Launching your own payment card product might not be a piece of cake – but it doesn’t need to be complicated either.

Our card issuing and payment processing platform Enfuce Card as a Service is your one-stop shop to start issuing feature-rich payment cards for your customers and expand your business to new markets and make it the next fintech unicorn.

Here’s how we do it: First, we need to understand your short-term and long-term goals and needs. Based on that, we’ll configure your solution with the features and tools you’ll need to achieve your goals.

Enfuce Card as a Service is a turnkey solution, which means you can focus on your core business while we take care of your card business and compliance matters for you.


Unlock opportunities in many segments

Discover the possibilities payment cards have to hold for fintechs from different segments and use cases.


Digital banking

As industry challengers, neobanks need to stay at the forefront to keep customers consistently choosing their services over the competition. Adding payment cards strengthens the innovators’ offering and grow customer engagement, ultimately increasing the wallet share.


Lending and credit

SME and consumer lending fintechs are the best at providing instant credit access to underserved customers. With a card, use of borrowed funds is even smoother and it is possible to expand your services quickly to multiple markets.


Expense management

Fintechs that simplify B2B expense management need to offer smooth service to their customers. With a flexible payment card solution, they streamline business spending and provide value-added features like detailed reporting and fraud monitoring.


Loyalty and membership

Customers’ payment data helps fintechs develop services tailormade for their users. By issuing loyalty cards (physical or digital), an innovative fintech can boost customer engagement while sharpening their offering.



Fintechs revolutionising transportation need integrations to multiple systems to efficiently provide their solution. Partnership with a payment processor allows issuing prepaid cards securely with instant top-up from different channels.


Want to know more?

We’re happy to discuss the possibilities that modern payment cards can open for your fintech company, and how we could help you achieve your goals.

How to launch the winning payment card

Your complete guide to successful card issuing in 2020s: Everything you need to know to issue a future-proof card product, including use cases, ecosystem partners, build vs. buy considerations, and more.


Benefits of Card as a Service


Turnkey service

Focus on your core business and user experience while we take care of compliance matters for you.


Scalability and growth​

Your overhead costs are low, and you’ll only pay for what you use. As a customer, you’ll be able to scale globally and access a broad range of available card types and add-on features.


Top industry experts

You’ll have top industry experts always within your reach. They’ll help you design your payment solution and guide you towards your goal: Every step of the way, all the way.


Stay at the forefront

Throughout your journey, you’ll get access to the newest digital payments features that we’ve been building since becoming the first payment processor in public cloud, running on AWS.


My Carbon Action

Easily add a carbon footprint calculator on top of your payment solution and help your customers live a more sustainable life.

Payment card use cases for fintechs

Test our pricing calculator.

Get your payment product live smoothly.

Smooth onboarding is not just a tech project but also a collaboration project. There are three cornerstones of how we plan your onboarding.



Having clear documentation and a structured plan is key. Our proven and tested off-the-shelf features make sure that you don’t always have to start from scratch. The tech also needs to be secure, compliant and scalable. 



You’ll be assigned a specific Customer Success Manager (CSM). As your one-stop contact for anything you need, the CSM also makes sure your project proceeds according to plan and gets you access to the resources you need, when you need them.



Your onboarding follows a four-phase project structure that helps you build your app towards our APIs in a focused way. You won’t have to wait for large building blocks to fall in place before you can start.  

This is how we help you
issue payment cards


Solution design

  • Workshops with our experts
  • Defining your card solution


  • Product configuration
    • Required enablers
    • UI and app design


  • Street pilot and initial user feedback
  • Launch your card

Scaling up

  • Enter new geographical market
  • Grow your userbase


  • Continuous user analytics
  • Unlock new features

Hear it from customers – they love and praise us!

As a customer, you’ll get easy-to-use, safe and scalable payment solutions that your customers and end-users worldwide can trust and love. Check out what our customers think about working with us!

Hear it from customers – they love and praise us!

As a customer, you’ll get easy-to-use, safe and scalable payment solutions that your customers and end-users worldwide can trust and love. Check out what our customers think about working with us!

The collaboration with Enfuce is enabling us to offer more cutting-edge features to our existing and new customers faster. With their card-issuing service, we’ve been able to smoothly and quickly onboard end-users in six markets.

Niccolo Perra, CTO and Co-Founder at Pleo

We and Enfuce spoke the same no-nonsense language right from the start. Like us, they don’t beat around the bush. We understand how they work, and they understand how we work. This is a huge asset for us when it comes to technical discussions and development.

Jean-Daniel Guyot, Co-founder and President of the Management Board at Memo Bank

With a card issuing solution, we have been able to further strengthen our value proposition for the increasingly demanding market by introducing new functionalities fast.

Jonas Hultin, CEO at Rocker

Enfuce has enabled us to build smarter and socially conscious banking services. They’re not only a partner in our venture, they are a crucial element in our above-and-beyond value proposition to our customers.

Haukur Skúlason, CEO at indó

Unlike many other processors, Enfuce has been able to filter out all the payments-related jargon and present the solutions in simple terms.

Thomas Jansson, Chief Growth Officer and Co-Founder at Qred

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