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Case study: In-depth knowledge of digital wallets can help reduce the impact on existing systems

Image for Case study: In-depth knowledge of digital wallets can help reduce the impact on existing systems

Product feature: Digital wallets, New card product outside legacy system

Challenge: Implementing digital wallet to the existing processing system

A medium-sized regional bank wanted to enable Apple Pay on their cards to increase card transaction volume and customer satisfaction. However, they were discouraged that it would not be feasible due to the lengthy time and high cost of implementing a digital wallet into the existing core processing system.

Solution: Enfuce’s Push Provisioning solution to streamline the process

Partnering with Enfuce, the bank was able to launch Apple Pay quickly for its customers with an InApp provisioning solution, circumventing legacy systems. 

Thanks to Enfuce’s expertise in Push Provisioning, the bank relies on Enfuce to manage integrating into card scheme tokenisation services and performing required authentication. 

This setup allows bank issuers to simply encrypt and pass data elements such as a Payment Card Number (PAN) to the mobile wallet app. Then the encrypted data initiates a provisioning request to the wallet provider. Once the scheme is validated and the cardholder accepts the issuer conditions, the tokenized Apple Pay card can be used in seconds.

Outcome: Users appreciate the Apple Pay feature on the existing bank mobile application

Now, the users of the bank can add a virtual card directly to the Apply Pay and pay with their iPhone at any time. Firstly, this solution allows the bank to achieve fast time-to-market thanks to low involvement of the legacy processing system. Secondly, it lowered abandonment rates and call centre ID&V(identity and verification) volumes, since the bank issuer’s existing mobile banking authentication and ID&V processes support the requests immediately.

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