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2019: A year of big goals and new opportunities

Denise Johansson Denise Johansson

2 minute read

I believe in setting big goals, and at year end, reflecting on what you have achieved. 

This year we had huge ambitions at Enfuce. We wanted to upgrade our Payment platform to enable global growth, launch new products, and grow both our customer base as well as our workforce.

This time last year we had just partnered up with OpenWay for their application Way4 and for the first four months we focused almost solely on rebuilding our Payment platform. Today I’m proud to say that we can serve global card issuing! 

New services launched 

This year saw the launch of three new Enfuce services. Although new to the market, we are excited to see a real buzz and interest grow around them

In September we launched our Open Banking Compliance service, and it goes much further than API’s or sandbox test environments. Enfuce handles consent management, fraud monitoring, dispute handling and compliance reporting. If you want to be ready for the increasing amount of PSD transactions next year, just reach out to us!

Our Open Banking Hub went live in November when Finland’s first TPP transaction were processed through us. Since then we have also launched the service in production in several countries and we are adding on country by country. We are proud of our 100% PSD2 compliant transaction HUB.

The third service was our sustainability service My Carbon Action. We aim to unite consumers with banks, merchants, retailers and financial service partners in the fight against climate change. Last week I participated in COP25 meetings in Madrid and you will be hearing much more on My Carbon Action during next year! 

Fast growth continues

Over this year we increased our customers by 250% and our employees by 100%. We have every reason to believe that both these numbers will continue to grow in 2020. Be sure to check out our careers page for all open positions.

WOW, what an amazing year! To top it all, we also welcomed to Team Enfuce.

I wish you all a merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

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