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Everything you need for one monthly fee

When issuing cards with us, you don’t need to buy every feature or tool we have to offer, and we’ll configure your solution with the features and tools you need to succeed.

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Why you should work with Enfuce


Access the widest range of payment features

Your monthly fee includes all the licenses and capabilities you need to issue your payment product for your customers. Don’t worry, there are no hidden or additional costs involved, and you don’t need to buy every feature in our portfolio which one of widest on the market.


Transparent and flexible pricing for all

What’s best for you is also best for us, and when you grow, we grow as well. That’s why you’ll only pay one monthly fee for each card you’ve issued. This means you’ll always know how much you’re paying and what you’re paying for, even when you grow. The monthly fee per card is based on your card volumes, card features and the licenses you need to launch and issue your payment card product.


Grow your future customer base one card product at a time

You can get started with low volumes: You don’t need to migrate all of your existing cards to our system. Instead, you can get started by launching one card product at a time.


Keep the interchange revenue

Unlike most issuer processors, we will share the majority of the interchange revenue with you or let you keep it entirely, depending on the type of your card program.

Accessing the interchange makes your card business case stronger – our 50+ customers are benefiting from this new stream of revenue.

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