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A new year equals new opportunities!

Image for A new year equals new opportunities!

A new year means 365 days of opportunities, I know it´s a cliché, but this is the mind-set I have. One of the strengths we have had at Enfuce since day one, is that we have the courage to say yes to opportunities that are presented in front of us. Our ability to react in a fast and accurate way has always been on a very good level. This is a huge benefit when a company is seeking growth and something I think many other companies could work harder on to meet their customers’ expectations.

Growth is one of the keywords for Enfuce in 2019. At this point in time we are working with four ongoing customer implementations. We are very excited to see three of them being implemented to our Payment Platform, and the fourth to our Open Banking Platform. Great times ahead!

Besides working on customer implementations, we have two PSD2 related activities that we are looking forward to during 2019:

  1. The first one being our Open Banking API Hub, and growth through it. We will give our diverse customer base a next-gen way of interacting with each other. We are constantly following the maturity and availability of PSD2 APIs on the European market, and we have already started from the Nordics and Baltics.
  2. We are eager for PSD2 to be launched in March and even more for September when Banks will need to apply to the new regulations. The business opportunities through Third Party Provider services will in the long run benefit all. That is consumers, banks and anyone in the field of financial services.

A third highlighted activity, but from a internal perspective, will be to grow our businesses abroad. We started out in Spain in late summer last year and the activities on the Spanish market will kick off before summer this year. In December we welcomed our regional Sales Directors for both UK & Ireland and Sweden. Our Swedish Sales Director will take care of our Scandinavian customers and is based in Stockholm.

As you might notice, it really is about growth this year, but I would like to add that we always aim for sustainable growth. But what does Sustainable growth mean for Enfuce? Sustainability is one of our core values at the company, and it applies to everything we do. One of the most important aspects of sustainability for us is looking long-term with everything we do. After being in the industry for 15+ years I know that taking short-term actions and decisions is what kills business on a long-term aspect. Therefore, for us, the long-term aspects are always more important than the short-term aspects. With this in mind sustainable growth equals long-term commitment to the expansions we target, it also means being aggressive but still work with the long-term missions in mind.

So, watch out for us in 2019! A lot going on for Enfuce and even the “clouds” are not our limit. We commit to give our best of the best for both customers as for employees and partners. I am looking forward to everything the year has in store for us!

Denise Koskinen

CEO – Enfuce Financial Services