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Why outsource fraud monitoring and dispute management

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The payments industry is undergoing a fundamental change, especially in Europe, where new regulations and rapid technological and business innovations are opening the market for new possibilities, both for existing and new players. In a business environment where competition is already tough and getting tougher by the day, it is important for companies to be able to focus on their key competencies and core business. 

By reading this blog, you’ll learn:

Focus on your core business

Our goal at Enfuce is to offer companies the freedom to fully focus on their core business and that you can trust supporting operations are running in a competent, timely and professional manner. We offer all the required back-office services to operate your payment products, including card and account management, fraud monitoring and dispute management.

Back-office services have for a long time been considered a necessary evil in the greater picture. At Enfuce Business Services (EBS), we want to challenge the status quo and change the perception of what back-office services entail. We constantly work in a proactive manner, delivering services above customer expectations. Our core team consists of banking and financial services professionals with an extensive background in card issuing, acquiring, fraud monitoring and dispute management as well as risk and compliance expertise. We have the world’s first Visa Certified Dispute Resolution Professional working at Enfuce.

In addition, EBS is supported by the entire Enfuce organisation with industry-leading professionals working in our Issuing and Acquiring team. This enables EBS to quickly respond to customer requests and requirements, which they need to be able to improve the products and services given to the end-customers.

With us, your payment card business is in safe hands

Working closely with the other teams at Enfuce, we ensure that our EBS experts are always informed about the latest technological changes and have both a business and technical expertise which enables fast and accurate responses to any support needs. EBS offers services regardless of payment scheme and even without payment scheme so whether you work with Visa, MasterCard or closed-loop, we have the ability to support you in your business. 

We at Enfuce pride ourselves in having a fully PCI -compliant offering, including all of our products and services. This means that our customers know that all information is handled and processed in a safe and secure manner at all times. Within the EBS team, all team members are required to undergo regular PCI and security training which ensures that a high professional standard is maintained.