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Case study:  Alisa Bank expands Finnish offering to new Enfuce powered-card experience

Image for Case study:  Alisa Bank expands Finnish offering to new Enfuce powered-card experience
  • Alisa Bank, a new entrant in the banking sector, faced the challenge of launching a Visa consumer credit card in the Finnish market.
  • Enfuce provided comprehensive support to Alisa Bank, including card issuance, processing, compliance, and technical setup, streamlining the consumer credit card launch and saving time and resources.
  • The collaboration resulted in a smooth customer experience for credit card applications and usage, aligning with Alisa Bank’s overall banking services launch schedule.


Alisa Bank is a Finnish digital bank that helps both personal and business customers manage their day-to-day finances flexibly and straightforwardly. Alisa Bank is regulated by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Finland and listed on Nasdaq Helsinki’s main list.

With the Enfuce partnership, Alisa Bank succeeded in launching a Visa consumer credit card to the Finnish market. Enfuce is the card issuing and processing provider, and Alisa Bank is the issuer of the account and credit linked to the card.


Alisa Bank is a new player in the banking industry, and it has developed its digital banking capabilities step by step.

A significant milestone in this development path was the launch of the Alisa Bank credit card for Finnish consumers. As Alisa Bank did not have all the required technical expertise or licenses to carry out the launch alone, the bank needed an experienced and licensed partner for a successful launch.


Alisa Bank overcame the challenge by initiating a collaboration with Enfuce, who provided a full programme of support to Alisa Bank; including card issuance and processing, fraud monitoring, dispute management, PSD2 open banking compliance, and ready-to-use technical setup for a smooth consumer credit card launch.

As a result, cooperation with Enfuce saved a lot of time, additional costs, and resources for Alisa Bank. This was very important as the bank had many other ongoing development projects running at the same time. The decision to start cooperation with Enfuce was backed up by the fact that the company has a good track record of similar launches and a robust reputation as a reliable Finnish partner.


It was clear from the beginning that Enfuce and Alisa Bank were a strong cultural fit. The two companies share the same bold, forward-driven hands-on mentality, which makes it easy for the companies to work together and get things done.

The processes for credit card onboarding and daily use were developed to the highest standard. For example, a customer can apply for the card in the mobile bank application and start using the virtual credit card immediately after a positive credit decision.

The physical card is delivered to the customer’s home in a couple of days after a positive credit decision. Alisa Bank does not charge the customer annual or other fixed fees for the credit card.

“When we started developing the card, the most important thing was to offer the smoothest customer experience on the market when applying for and using the card. Furthermore, we wanted the card launch schedule to support the overall launch schedule of Alisa Bank’s basic banking services. The cooperation with Enfuce has helped us achieve these objectives”
Juha Saari, Director of Personal Customers at Alisa Bank

“We’re confident that Enfuce’s agile and scalable card issuing platform will help Alisa Bank’s journey as a new entrant in the banking space. That’s what Enfuce is all about – being a true partner to banks and businesses, helping them to meet their customers’ needs with unrivalled levels of service, functionality and compliance taken care of”
Denise Johansson, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Enfuce

“We’re thrilled to support Alisa Bank in its quest to offer customers the most flexible and easy-to-use payment services. We know Alisa Bank’s customers will enjoy smooth, seamless payment experiences that will deepen loyalty and open up even more growth opportunities”
Monika Liikamaa, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Enfuce

*Visa is a registered trademark of Visa International Service Association.