First Aid Card

May 23, 2022 2 minutes read

A quick way to mass distribute funds immediately and safely without jumping through regulatory hoops.

Useful for

NGOs and social benefits organisations in the EEA and UK


People arriving in your country need your help right now. You don’t know their personal details but you need to help them with immediate needs like buying food and hygiene products. Cash is difficult and expensive to distribute, and there is a risk of the money getting into the wrong hands.


Give out prepaid cards, physical or virtual, to the people in need of urgent financial support. It’s fast, safe, and cost efficient. It helps you to maximise the impact of your aid by giving you full control of how the money can be spent, and by whom.

You decide the who and the what, we take care of everything else.


How we do it

  • Turnkey prepaid card issuing: Including card lifecycle management and global payment processing.
  • Physical cards: Straight from our available stock delivered to you.
  • Usage controls: Limit the usage of the card to stores approved by you and control ATM withdrawal usage. 
  • Fraud prevention: Fully managed and real-time fraud control will keep the money with the people in need.
  • Data insight: Get data on when, where and how your cards are used.
  • Compliant and secure: Our tech and processes are fully compliant and we offer all needed licences.
  • Programme management: Our experts help you design the best solution for you and support you throughout the implementation. You’ll also get a dedicated customer success manager after go-live.

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