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Card as a Service for mobility

Improve customer experience by making your mobility service easy to use and pay for. How? Launch your own feature-rich mobility payment card!

What is Card as a Service?

Fintech use cases

Enfuce Card as a Service is a turnkey card issuing service for mobility fintechs and other growth-minded companies. It is an enterprise-grade modular card issuing and payment processing platform that, combined with our partner network, enables you to create winning card products.

Benefits of Card as a Service

Realise your vision

We can make your vision happen. With our wide range of payment features, you’ll bring even the most ambitious use cases to life and provide a great cardholder experience.

Make payments easy

Incorporating a payment card to your mobility service makes it super easy to use. Simply select the ride, click to confirm and just go!

Loyalty programs

Incentivise your customers to pay with your mobility payment card. Enable them to get special offers, discounts and bonus points to pay for other services, such as hotels, rental cars, taxis and much more.

More customer data

Get actionable insights on what, how and where your customers use our mobility service, and how much they pay. Create new value-added services to negotiate better contracts with mobility operators.

Top industry experts

You don’t need to do it alone. You’ll always have top industry experts within your reach to guide you towards your goal. Step by step and every step of the way, all the way.

Enhanced business case

The more your payment card is used the more revenue you’ll generate. You’ll make money from single rides, subscriptions and every payment transaction made with your cards.

How to launch the winning payment card

Your complete guide to successful card issuing in 2020s: Everything you need to know to issue a future-proof card product, including use cases, ecosystem partners, build vs. buy considerations, and more.

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How to launch the winning payment card

Get your payment product live smoothly

Smooth onboarding is not just a tech project but also a collaboration project. There are three cornerstones of how we plan your onboarding.


Having clear documentation and a structured plan is key. Our proven and tested off-the-shelf features make sure that you don’t always have to start from scratch. The tech also needs to be secure, compliant and scalable.


You’ll be assigned a specific Customer Success Manager (CSM). As your one-stop contact for anything you need, the CSM also makes sure your project proceeds according to plan and gets you access to the resources you need, when you need them.


Your onboarding follows a four-phase project structure that helps you build your app towards our APIs in a focused way. You won’t have to wait for large building blocks to fall in place before you can start.

This is how we help you issue payment cards

  • Solution design
    • Workshops with our experts
    • Defining your card solution
  • Onboarding
    • Product configuration
    • Required enablers
    • UI and app design
  • Launch
    • Street pilot and initial user feedback
    • Launch your card
  • Scaling up
    • Enter new geographical market
    • Grow your userbase
  • Evolution
    • Continuous user analytics
    • Unlock new features

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