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Bring your fuel card to the digital era

Recalibrate the features, scope, and security of your fuel card solutions and delight your customers with a premium digital payment experience.

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Digitalisation and sustainable energy drive transformation in the fuel sector – don’t take the back seat.

Fuel card issuers are facing an ever changing market environment with substitution of fossil fuels, demand for better user experience, and increased regulation. The right partner will be the bridge in your transition from the past into the future and help you optimise your payment solutions and loyalty programmes to meet customer needs and regulations.

The right solutions put you behind the steering wheel.

Enfuce’s modern, cloud-based card issuing and payment processing platform gives you the flexibility you need to move your business into the future.

Our fuel card solution gives you full control over how and where the cards can be used. Cards can be issued in an instant, and they are always secure and compliant. You can add all the tools and features needed to provide a great digital user experience and to boost loyalty.

This is how we optimise your fuel card

Choose your network

Closed loop network

Do you have an existing closed loop network that meets your business needs? Our platform is network independent and can be integrated to your existing closed loop network. We have well documented interfaces and our experts will help you in a smooth transition.

Open loop network – global card schemes

Add 500,000 fuel and maintenance merchants and an endless number of retailers and restaurants to your network effortlessly. We have existing integrations to global card schemes and can sponsor you with all needed licences and memberships.

Issuing an open loop card will also enable your card to be enrolled to the most popular digital wallets (Google Pay / Apple Pay).

Hybrid of closed loop and open loop

Our platform has capabilities to process from multiple sources and in multiple formats allowing you to benefit from the network of your choice. Our experts have the experience in making the most of both networks, and help you optimise the solutions.

Stay in full control of card usage

Predefined spend controls

With spend controls, you can build a card product that can be used everywhere but still offers a flexible way of controlling the usage. You choose where the card can be used, how much it can be used, and what can be bought with it.

Real-time decision making with our Authorisation Control service

You have the flexibility to create sophisticated rules for approving and declining transactions in real-time.

Provide great customer experience

The full product portfolio for all customer needs

Customise your cards to match all your business needs and customer requirements:

– Cards for consumers and businesses
– Virtual and physical cards (with tokenisation)
– Product setups from prepaid to credit
– Cards issued in multiple countries and in multiple currencies

Digital payment experience with white label app

With MyApp, you can provide your customers with quick and easy card management in their pocket. MyApp is a white label app – just add your brand elements and launch.

User data turned to customer insight

We provide you all the data which you can turn into valuable user insight. You can provide better services and customise truly value-adding loyalty programmes for your customers.

See how it works

“For us as a company, the development and delivery of functional and sustainable solutions are a top priority. We wanted a fast, agile partner, who understands our needs and found that in Enfuce. They focus on tech and compliance, but also create new revenue streams and business models. By working with Enfuce we’ve broadened our portfolio, launched new services in several countries and were among the first in the Nordics to launch Apple Pay.”

Minna Lehikoinen, CEO, St1 Finance

Minna Lehikoinen, CEO at St1 Finance

Key benefits of Enfuce fuel card

Speed and quality

Turn-key issuing means that you can focus on your core business and hand over the development and execution of cards and payments to one partner.

Digital customer experience

Make payments simple for your customers with feature-rich card products, digital wallets, and mobile apps.

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Fraud prevention

When your card holders are confident that their card is safe, they will use it more – with less losses for you.

Customer insight

Develop your business and services based on data about how your customers behave.

Compliance and security

Stay compliant and secure with minimal effort – we handle it for you.

Top expert support

Our experts provide full programme management and take care of all the complexities around payments and processing.

Issuerʼs playbook: Renew your fuel card business

With decades of experience in the payment industry, we have put together a comprehensive guide on how you can bring your fuel card business to the digital era – from business cases and tech considerations to APIs, partner selection, migration, tomorrow’s trends, and more.

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