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Bud and Enfuce sign a partnership to allow users to understand the effect of their consumption on climate change

Image for Bud and Enfuce sign a partnership to allow users to understand the effect of their consumption on climate change

Enfuce’s “My Carbon Action” product brings together lifestyle information and a carbon tracking methodology developed by leading climate researcher Dr. Michael Lettenmeier to provide users with a personalised carbon footprint. The partnership with Bud will allow users to add an additional layer of transaction data to produce more personalised scores based on categorised spending.

Open Banking is quickly maturing into an easy route for banks and financial institutions to deliver innovative solutions through their mobile apps. Our partnership with Enfuce is a clear example of something that, only a couple of years ago, would have been a massive technical undertaking and that can now be integrated in a matter of weeks.

Ed Maslaveckas, CEO of Bud

We’ve seen an explosion in the number of financial services organisations out there targeted at specific sectors of the population – where people are building entire businesses out of a service that feels personal to its users. Banks have a huge opportunity to offer this kind of personalisation at scale, it’s something we’re looking forward to delivering as we expand our ecosystem of open banking enabled solutions.

Ed Maslaveckas, CEO of Bud

Our partnership with Bud is a major step to accelerate change for the better on our planet. My Carbon Action had a positive effect on 30% of its users already during the proof of concept for Rabobank, and I’m confident it’ll have a significant role in reducing the CO2 emissions in the UK and the EU.

Monika Liikamaa, CEO and Co-founder at Enfuce

About Bud

Founded in 2015 because we believe better finance makes for a better world. Bud is the AI platform for personal finance. 

Our platform provides banks and other financial companies with the intelligence and key capabilities they need in order to create meaningful new features for their customers. The APIs provide access to financial data through Open Banking, understanding of that data through the industry’s most intelligent enrichment layer and the capacity to act on the insight using both a payments platform and an ecosystem of fintech products that are available to distribute through APIs.

Whether the platform is set to tackling the loyalty penalty by enabling our bank clients to build auto-switching services for people who are overpaying on utility bills, or helping people with thin credit files to get fair access to credit by sharing their history of making rent payments with CRAs, we are driven by a mission to make managing money simpler, wherever and however people want to do it.

Under a single contract, Bud provides open banking access, data intelligence, the capacity to distribute third party products and the capability to make and receive payments all from within our clients’ apps and services.

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Monika Liikamaa, CEO & Co-founder, Enfuce, +358 50306 5213,