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Enfuce powers payments in MaaS Global’s revolutionary mobility app

Image for Enfuce powers payments in MaaS Global’s revolutionary mobility app

Maas Global, the leading Mobility as a Service provider, has partnered with Enfuce – Finland’s largest fintech startup – to launch a card payment offering in Whim, MaaS Global’s all-inclusive mobility app. The partnership enables MaaS Global to issue Mastercard prepaid cards securely, and expand its offering to new markets.

MaaS Global revolutionises urban mobility by gathering all public and private transport services in convenient, traveling subscriptions. Since its launch 2017, users of Whim – the world’s first commercially available MaaS solution – have made more than eight million trips using public transport, taxis, rental bikes and cars, and other options.

Partnering with Enfuce, MaaS Global accessed a flexible and fully scalable payment infrastructure solution. Enfuce’s team managed the entire set-up, including a BIN Sponsorship required for issuing Mastercards. The turnkey service allows MaaS Global to operate safe, compliant and future-proof payments in all of its current and future markets.

“Together with Enfuce we solved one of the biggest problems in the mobility industry, namely, letting people make payments for any mode of transport globally. With Enfuce’s close guidance, we can offer Whim customers a reliable, efficient and most of all easy payment experience – bringing us closer to our vision of truly friction free travel,” said Petteri Laesvuori, CTO at MaaS Global.

Through the proprietary solution, Whim users can top up their card and pay for various multimodal subscriptions and pay-as-you go plans in one place, instead of having to make separate payments for scooter rental, bus operator, etc. Whim cards are entirely virtual and open-loop, meaning they will (over time) be accepted by any merchant via Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay mobile wallets.

The service is initially launching in the UK and further market rollouts, including Singapore, are scheduled for later in 2020. 

“We’re excited to help power MaaS Global’s groundbreaking solution. Our one-stop-shop service facilitates secure and scalable payments, and allows our partner to focus on their core business. We’ve long admired MaaS Global’s progress, and are thrilled about delivering a solution that rhymes with their vision,” said Monika Liikamaa, Co-Founder and Chair, Enfuce.

Relying on Enfuce’s operational and compliance expertise, MaaS Global can continuously grow and develop its payment product globally. Enfuce’s Business Services add-on equips MaaS Global with back office tools for resolving risk-, support- and fraud-related situations. 

“Both of us share a passion for building smart services that positively impact millions of consumers’ lives. We look forward to helping MaaS Global provide a seamless service that enables people to access and pay for all their transport needs in one place,” Liikamaa adds. 

About Maas Global & Whim

MaaS Global is the world leader in the field of Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) with its award-winning Whim app, which provides users all transport services in one app. With over eight million trips made since its launch in November 2017, Whim is the first all-inclusive MaaS solution commercially available on the market. Whim allows users to journey where and when they want with public transport, taxis, cars, and many other options, all under a single monthly subscription. Whim has revolutionized users’ travel habits, in favor of sustainable modes. MaaS Global was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. The company is funded by several strategic investors such as Mitsui Fudosan, BP Ventures, Mitsubishi Corporation Toyota Financial Services, Karsan Otomotiv, Transdev, Aioi Nissay Dowa, Denso and Veho. The total amount of investments is 53.7 million euros.

About Enfuce

Enfuce offers payment, open banking and sustainability services to banks, fintechs, financial operators, and merchants. By combining industry expertise, compliance and innovative technology, they are delivering long term and scalable solutions fast and securely. Established in 2016, Enfuce employs over 50 driven professionals in the Nordics and has close to 10 million end-users on its platform. 

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