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Extended contract with International Smart Card (ISC)

Image for Extended contract with International Smart Card (ISC)

International Smart Card, the leading provider of electronic financial transaction services in the Middle East, has extended their contract with Enfuce Financial Services. The parties signed a one-year contract in 2017, which was extended to a 3-year deal this year.

Enfuce offers a PaaS solution for ISC card portfolio. During the first year of business Enfuce proved their capability to handle large volumes in their cloud-based platform. This led to an extension of the contract, that includes ISCs´ whole card stock which contains close to 6 million cards. The project as a whole, was executed remotely from Finland, proving that a cloud solution is an agile and secure way of operating in the payment industry.

We are honored by the trust ISC has delineated in us by extending our agreement with them. This is a strong signal that the technical solution we provide meets the standard for current, and future demand. It is also an indication that our collaboration is seen as valuable in their eyes. Executing a project of this magnitude completely remote is unique on a global scale. It would not have been possible without a strong common level of ambition along with a resilient will to succeed.

Andreas Björk, Chief Operating Officer – Enfuce Financial Services

The value we place in our relationship with Enfuce is earned.  Not only was it one of the first card management systems brought live in the cloud it was also the largest card migration in the region.  The effort and support required to make this possible was extensive and Enfuce was a great partner every step of the way.  We are looking forward to continuing partnership and our continued success.

Scott Munden, Chief Executive Officer – International Smart Card

Enfuce Financial Services is a forerunner in cloud-based payment infrastructure. We offer all of our products and services “as a service”, which means that we use our existing infrastructure when we on-board new customers. We are fully compliant with no legacy, which makes us agile but at the same time reliable in the ever-changing world of payments.